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  • Drunk players

    Christmas is coming and New Year is just around the corner and many of us older players who can legally drink may have one or two tipples before we log on.

    Only last night I was partying with my monk is Yhoahter Jungle and an over zealous (and he admitted it) drunk theif decided that the mandy was not good enough to attack and ended up bringing a white lizzard and a goblin smithy along to join the party, we wipped obviously (we were all around lvl 28 and too far from zone) The theif was duely kicked and blisted.


    Come on lets get some people admitting it, How many of you have played while not extactly sober.

    How many of you have casued problems in a party due to be a bit worse for wear.

    And how many of you have been in a party where a character or 2 is noticably not doing their job due to the controller being intoxicated?

    Any funny stories would be welcomed

    Members will be glad to know I have unticked the box which displays characters names so you are completely anomonous.
    I can't drink
    I wont admit to anything..
    I was playing FFXI while drunk!?

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: Drunk players

    I admit, I have played the game while intoxicated many times. However, I do not cause any problems for my party and sometimes I seem to focus more on the task at hand. It's like when you drink until your good at bowling or pool. I would never do something stupid to cause the party to wipe just because I was tipsy.

    The only time I really show that I am drunk is when I am talking in the LS or sometimes in the party chat (if I am getting along with everyone). You can sometimes tell that I am drunk from my choice of words but never by my actions.

    The only funny thing that I can remember is that one time my LS leader was smashed and every sentence she typed was full of spelling errors. Even when she tried to correct herself those were full of errors too. It was like this until she informed us that she had to go lay down.
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      Re: Drunk players

      I tanked like a maniac on my level 18 nin one day after playing golf drunk. I woke up that night and wondered how my nin went from 18-20. The party consisted of my friends and they really had no idea that I was that bad off.
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        Re: Drunk players

        aw hell no. When I've had a few, I cannot go through that whole log in screen before FXI.
        I prefer to sit back and play some cod3 or rainbow 6


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          Re: Drunk players

          Yes, but only once or twice, and I never xp'd drunk. I don't really ever get drunk, so if I do drink and play, at most I get a slight buzz. And this game really isn't mentally taxing enough for that to make any difference at all.
          The one time I did get absolutely hammered I just got on for a few minutes and talked to the ls. Didn't even remember it though, they had to tell me the next day.
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            Re: Drunk players

            I've played many a-time while not sober, alcohol or otherwise.

            Depending on what job I'm doing I find I can do just as well as I could sober. I usually try to not Exp on my PLD unless I'm completely sober and focused, as I find it quite difficult to judge hate when I'm all tipsy.

            In the very least, if I find my intoxication is starting to become a noticable problem/slow-down for the party, I generally try to find a replacement; and then go do something else that is equally as challenging, yet harms no one but myself (like fishing ).

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              Re: Drunk players

              I logged on drunk and chatted (even gave away a bunch of gil once), but I didn't exp or anything.
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                Re: Drunk players

                Originally posted by Jarre
                Have you every played FFXI while drunk?
                Have you ever created a poll while drunk? Sounds like a "yes".


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                  Re: Drunk players

                  Yep, I've done it, and I'll do it again.

                  The sad thing is, I've played this game for so damned long now (this February it'll be 4 years) that it's practically second nature to me by now. So I don't really make very many more mistakes when I'm under the influence than I do when I'm not, except for spelling errors.

                  Now, getting into a PT in the late evening and staying well past I should have gone to bed is another story. I've caused plenty of problems falling asleep on people. Just a few weeks ago I was in a TP burn in Uleguerand Range and I fell asleep, which ultimately caused the entire PT to wipe, since I was, for all intents and purposes, the only healer. Granted, if the BRD had been a little less insane and had pulled one thing at a time instead of 4, they probably would have lived long enough to figure out that I'd fallen asleep. But that's neither here nor there. Fortunately it was all people I knew from various linkshells, so apart from laughing their asses off at me, nobody was really angry.

                  In conclusion, I think playing FFXI while drowsy is generally more dangerous to others than playing while intoxicated. DRINK UP!
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                    Re: Drunk players

                    I've played drunk numerous times, but have never been kicked from a party due to it... like Shar said, I guess I'm just so used to the game I didn't make many, if any, mistakes.


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                      Re: Drunk players

                      Have I played drunk yes, have I partyed drunk yes, have I posted drunk yes.
                      And other members of my linkshell have done worse things then just being drunk.

                      Ironically our LS sets high standards for player conduct but I would generally consider it primarily social LS, plus little kittens should not be playing FFXi at 1 a.m. anyways.


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                        Re: Drunk players

                        I have to admit, I did it last night lol.

                        The best was when one of my fellow officers in my ls (a blm) was drunk during dynamis.

                        Random blm: Kir get ready
                        Me: huh?
                        Random blm: Trust me
                        Random blm starts casting Thundaga III on sleeping mobs
                        Me: oh *&£$...

                        Amazingly, he didn't wipe us, but it was hilarious.

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                          Re: Drunk players

                          Lol funny reading keep them coming, interesting that there are more players who have been drunk than those who havn't.


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                            Re: Drunk players

                            Got a good tequila buzz going and stayed up way too late. Logged in next day and 3 of my caracters were missing about a half a mil gil each. Seems I got in the shopping mood while I was practically unconcious and bought leaping boots, rabbit charm and kingdom Aketon. Turned out that the prices were pretty good and I could use the items but I had to run 4 Aspir quests the next week to rebuild my gil supply. At least buzz shopping is better than buzz fighting !
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                              Re: Drunk players

                              I am more interested to hear from the ones that have ticked I cant drink.

                              Im one of them.

                              I want to know why they cant drink, PM me if u want, becuase I dont seem to come across many that admit they cannot drink.

                              My reason is my suffer very badly from what is commonly known as "Asian Blush". For those of u that dont know what it is, think half a beer and then hives, headaches, sickness, cramps, blush, thumping heart/murmors,....