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    Originally posted by cidbahamut View Post
    I think that's about the point where I put the game down. Those gargoyles were a damn marathon to get past and the game just laughed and said "you thought those were hard? Here let me kill you some more".
    It's slow going for me since I got the game the weekend before a new semester. Only put in a few hours since. It is really satisfying to keep moving forward (or laterally, at least), finding a strat to take down one more enemy, or finding one more little shortcut is a really nice feeling--I wouldn't describe it as "accomplishment" per se, but somehow this game where you have to do the same thing over and over again managed to find a way to not feel grindy. Partially since you have to 'be there', I suppose, but also because it doesn't feel like you're killing those enemies again and again because the game needed to pad out its play time.