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FFXI Bench 2 Score / Specs

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    Laptop Specs

    Above is a link to the specs of my laptop. After shutting down MSN, AIM etc. and trying to exit/disable as many background programs as I could I still only scored a 1550 on Low Res. on the new benchmark. What do you think? should I have scored higher?

    And if that is my best score possible is it even worth getting the game? I was considering buying it to give me something to do at work.
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      Well I finaly went out and bought a new graphics card.
      The Geforce fx 5900. It was a toss up between this card
      and the radeon 9800.... Impulse shoping won the day

      The scores below are with my old card. One Geforce 3 ti 200
      original bench

      new bench
      2500-2600 low
      1700-1800 high

      And with my new card with the 52.13 drivers, they are beta
      use them at your own risk.
      Original bench

      New bench
      35xx Low
      33xx High

      For some reason I get the idea that I may need a new
      cpu and motherboard to really get the most out of this card.

      No really I know that I need the new cpu. I'm planning on a
      athlon xp 2800+. The prices have come down a lot on those in
      the past week

      I just wish I knew when amd and intel are going to release some
      new cpu's. Sure you can say that amd just launched to 64 but
      so what. How well does the 64 overclock and just what is going
      to be the speed ramp up on those. Not only that but is amd ever
      going to turn around and release some more of the barton xp's?
      The 3200+ can't be the best that peice of silicon can do, its also
      been on the market for a while with no new speed increases.
      That goes double for the intel side. I think however that intel
      might have been playing a wait and see what amd does first.
      With the power hungrey 5900 and 9800 graphics cards even the
      fastest cpu's don't supply them with enough info when trying to
      run HL2, or at least that is what was reported on a few web sites
      that reviewed the game.

      Anyway we'll see what happens in the near future anyway. Now
      Lets have some dx9.1


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        Yeah, the AMD 64 seems kind of silly ATM. There are not a whole lot of 64 bit apps out there. Of course, there will be someday. I'm sure ppl made the same comments back when 32 bit processors came out. I am interested to know if 32 bit apps perform as well on the AMD 64 as on a comperable 32 bit processor. It would seem like there would have to be some kind of interpreter on it to choose between 32 and 64 bit and I am wondering if that slows things down at all...

        Then again, I may have no clue what I am talking about...
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          Low Res- 3579
          High Res-2998..

          Radeaon 9200 AGP 128MB 4xAGP speed.

          Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
          Windows XP

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            Old - 5980

            Low - 5342
            High - 4082

            AMD Barton 2.5 Ghz
            1Gb of DDR RAM
            ATI Radeon 9600 PRO


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              Athlon XP 1900+ (138x12) @ 1656mhz
              1024mb PC2100 ddr ram
              Geforce FX5200 128mb @270/440

              low res: 2998


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                HP Pavilion 750n
                Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz
                80GB 7200 RPM HD
                512MB RAM
                Sapphire ATI Radeon 9000 128MB
                Windows XP Home (slightly tweaked)

                Bench Low - 3210
                Bench High - 2781


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                  AMD Athlon 2100+
                  768 MB PC2700
                  Radeon 9700
                  Abit NF7 N-Force 2

                  High res: 4000 something


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                    My scores are sooo low

                    938 H.R.
                    1993 L.R.

                    Current System
                    AMD 2500+ XP Overclocked at 2.15 Ghz
                    Asus A7N8X Deluxe rev 1007
                    256mb DDR PC2100 266mhz
                    GeForce 2 MX 400
                    1x 20 gig HDD
                    1x 10 gig HDD
                    Windows XP

                    I figure it my old GF2 card, and the Ram thats causing my system to underperform. So i ordered a new video and ram. Video cards make the bigest difference in performance!

                    Once Upgraded system
                    AMD 2500+ XP Overclocked at 2.15 Ghz
                    Asus A7N8X Deluxe rev 1007
                    512mb 2x256 DDR PC3200 400mhz Dual Channel
                    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb
                    1x 20 gig HDD
                    1x 10 gig HDD
                    Windows XP

                    What do you think of this new setup? I despertly new new HDD but they always come last in my priorities when upgrading. Eventually I'd like to get two Wester Digital HD (WD Caviar SE 80GB EIDE HD 7200/8MB/8.9/ATA-100) with the 8mb buffer and set them up in RAID. Can you imagine the HD speed then? That would fly!

                    Any suggestions? Does any here have a 8mb buffer HD or 2 set up on RAID? How are your benchmarks, if so?
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                      It does nothing. I tested it on my two 10000RPM Raptors(raid) and my score went up two hundred.


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                        New bench....

                        Low: 2855
                        High: 1600

                        P4 2.4 or 2.6 dont remember
                        512 mb I belive
                        GeForce4 MX 440... DOH!:sweat:

                        Oh well... Ill be buying a new comp soon so I can give my dad his back :sweat:
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                          Ok so i got my 9600pro today and did a bench with my original fx5200 then the 9600pro.

                          amd athlon 2400XP 2.0ghz
                          1024mb ddr ram
                          40gb hd 5400rpm

                          Fx5200 average = 1798

                          Ati 9600pro average = 3715 on high.

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                            Anyone Know what a comp with these specs would
                            get on the bench. I dont have the ati 9600 pro yet so i cant
                            test it right now.

                            p4 2.4ghz 800fsb
                            ddr 512mb
                            ati 9600 pro


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                              Here are my specs:

                              CPU Amd 1900+
                              1G DDR 3200
                              Radeon 9800PRO (CAT 3.8)

                              I get 2478 on High and 2586 on low

                              I checked a lot of other posts and it seems that my results are way too low for my specs.
                              Could anyone advise?


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                                hrm.. athlon 1900... is that like 1.5ghz? that would lower the score. Whats your motherboard reading your ram at? 200mhz or 133?
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