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FFXI Bench 2 Score / Specs

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  • benchmark

    I ran the new benchmark test on my system..i ran it low res...scored 3150......

    1.5 GHz Athlon
    512 DDR PC 2100
    256MB GeForceFX 5600
    2HD-- 40GB,80GB


    • Well I'm a bit confused.... I mean I see a couple of scores witht the same stats or lower with better scores then mine.

      P4 2.8 ghz 800 fbs
      1.0 g 3200 (400) DDR ram ( 2x512 )
      Ati Radeon 9800 XT 256 DDR mb
      Windows XP home edition
      and a brand new hard drive ( old one was bugged out to hell )
      Seagate 80gb 7200 rpm ( with nothing on it but sound/video card drivers, and SBC browser.)

      H- 4036
      L- 4578

      with NO other programs running.....whatz wrong here?:confused:

      BTW any links so I can OC my cpu and radeon card?:sweat:
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      • Low=4600


        P4 2,8 ghz
        Geforce4 Ti4600
        512 ddr
        Win XP home edition

        With various programs running in the background.
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        • Sounds like a driver problem. Try completely removing the previous ones and reinstalling the lattest from
          Mobile 2400+ @11.5x200MHz, 1.7v| NF7-S 2.0 | 2x512 Corsair pc3200
          BFG FX6800 OC 128MB @350/700, 16x1,6vp | Antec True 430

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          • Theres something wrong

            My computer:
            P4 3.0ghz
            512ddr ram
            radeon 9800 pro

            I got exactly 5000 points and ppl with those specs were getting 5500+


            • Athlon XP 2500+ @ 1.83ghz
              ASUS A7N8X-X
              Azen Ram PC2700 256mb
              Western Digital HD 40gigs
              Maxtor HD 20gigs
              Sapphire ATI 9600xt stock speed


              I had bunch of stuff running like msn.
              Pretty good score.


              • eh, after a memory and vidcard upgrade, i got >3800 on high res (who cares about low....) stats are 2.53gh p4, 1 gig rd 800 mh, 80 gig 7200 rpm hdd (only about 30% free at time of run +>40% fragmentation), 128mb 9600xt, dx9 (some parts are debug cuz i have dx9 sdk installed)

                i had windows media player and aim in background (need music better than bench music after all)... main reason i didn't get >4000 is probably cuz of the 40% fragmentation, so if you have high fragmentation, defrag now

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                • The Benchmark is only 93 megs, doubt fragmentation would effect it that much. With 1 gig of ram, you shouldn't be using the HD much. It looks about right with your system anyways.
                  Mobile 2400+ @11.5x200MHz, 1.7v| NF7-S 2.0 | 2x512 Corsair pc3200
                  BFG FX6800 OC 128MB @350/700, 16x1,6vp | Antec True 430

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                  • For the love of god!

                    Can' you guys get enough? How greedy can you get? The highest i can get is
                    HIGH: 714
                    LOW: 1274
                    Cus of my stupid card and moderboard cpu.


                    • Barton 2500+
                      512 PC 3200
                      ATI 9800 pro

                      High = 5882

                      I have done a good bit of ocing.


                      • Spec:

                        Graphics Card: Gainward GeForce FX 5950Ultra/1800 256mb "Golden Sample".
                        Memory: Corsair TwinX Pro PC3200 1024mb (2x512) DDR RAM.
                        Mother Board: Asus P4P800 Deluxe - i865PE Springdale.
                        Processor: Intel P4 2.66.
                        OS: Windows XP "Home Edition".


                        Low: 5496
                        High: 5039


                        • Hey all ok.

                          I looked though all the pages and well at first when i did the test i though mine was a little low and now that i look though these yes it is a little low. I have a good pc ok the card is old but still its a good card.

                          First off Mikeablah has a radeon 9000 which is a older card than mine but some how gets a higher score.

                          Mikeablaj what drivers r u using and have u overclocked ur card first.

                          Secondly Sanosuke had a radeon 9200 128 card and he gets a higher score too.

                          Sanosuke what drivers have u got on ur card and have u over clocked it too.

                          Well here is my pc and score.

                          Low - 3000 (roughly)
                          High - 2000 (roughly)

                          Amd Athlon XP2600
                          1024DDR Ram 333 PC2700
                          Radeon 9200 256DDR Drivers 4.1
                          160gb HD 7200rpm ATA 100
                          Motherboard KT400

                          Thx if anyone can help.

                          I have not overclocked anything on my pc at all.

                          Well the game works fine and all that in good graphics but still i would like to know how to get some better performence out of it because i would like too.


                          • Daziz: For the love of god. You got enough. What the hell else do you want? Leave the help for those who don't .... God..


                            • Dude its not like im complaining or anything its just at first i though i should have higher score all i want is to get a higher score and be able to improve the performence anyway for ffxi i know i get no problems but i would like to increase it and push my pc to the max thats all.


                              • So if you get a higher score you basicly get nicer graphics and smoother less lag gameplay?