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    Re: /RDM needed?

    Originally posted by Omgwtfbbqkitten View Post
    Any of the BCNM60s with beastmen that come pre-buffed would be one case I could think of.
    Dispel is level 32, so you couldn't cast it off of a /RDM sub at level 60 cap...



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      Re: /RDM needed?

      bleh, forgot

      Can't really think of many KSNMs where a Dispelga would be needed, that being the case.


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        Re: /RDM needed?

        Originally posted by Armando View Post
        Nope. INT and MND have never made a drastic difference in resist rates. Moreover, they were beating on Lv.40 spiders and Vylia, the BST, had a Tulwar Scorpion for a pet when they tested Stoneskin. Tulwar Scorpions are Lv.53-56.
        Enspell resist rates are supposed to be based on the caster's Enhancing Magic Skill. Vylia doesn't have any. That's the most likely reason. While this would strike you as odd, you do have to consider that some aspects of Enspell ARE calculated on-strike (for example, its base potency is determined at casting time but +Enspell Damage items are checked for on each strike.)
        Day/weather bonuses are checked on each strike, too.

        But if the spell "remembers" caster enhancing magic for calculating the base damage, why wouldn't that be applied to the resist rate calculation? It makes no sense, unless it's just a bug.
        Because some things aren't set in stone based on the stats at the time of casting, it's very much possible that Vylia's non-existant Enhancing Magic Skill is being checked for Enspell accuracy when she hits.
        Isn't that also the exact same thing that's rumored to happen to Rolling Thunder, making it effectively useless in nearly all situations?

        There's a clear way to test this: have the SCH/RDM's partner sub SCH. (Their SCH needs to be at least level 10, but aside from that it doesn't matter if it's underleveled.) Look at resist rates without Arts or with Dark Arts (for a job with no native Enhancing, you'll have only the half-leveled D) and then look at them again with Light Arts giving the X/SCH a B Enhancing. If the recipient's skill is a factor, the difference should be huge and obvious. (Isn't it neat to be able to instantly change someone's skill by hundreds of points without going back to change subjobs or anything? Fittingly, SCH is going to help us learn more about game mechanics...) The same method would work for testing Rolling Thunder - one smn, one X/SCH - and spikes spells (both SCH/BLM's - if possible - and the SMN spikes bloodpacts).

        If this *is* what's going on: SE, please change Enspell effects to lock in enhancing magic skill at time of casting (for RT, Ramuh's enhancing magic skill should be based on his level or set equal to the summoner's summoning magic skill). Stoneskin, Blink and Phalanx aren't penalized for being cast on targets without enhancing magic of their own; there's no reason enspells or spikes should be. The jobs that can put those effects on other people are both jobs that could really use some rare and useful tricks in order to find a place that would make people think "I want a SCH for this fight" (or SMN), and keep them from being imitation WHMs.
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