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How do you make your gil?

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  • How do you make your gil?

    Simply put, what are your methods? You don't have to be specific (like I don't expect you to give away your secrets) but just wondering in general how people make gil.

    Poll coming, wait for it.
    HELM (Harvesting, Excavating, Logging, Mining)
    Farming (Killing mobs, selling their drops)
    Mercenary Work (D2, Tele, PL, Quest/NM help)
    NM/HNM Camping (Including LS gil payouts from said camping)
    Playing the AH market (Buy low, sell high)
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    Re: How do you make your gil?

    Pretty much all of them. Except the mercenary thing. I never charge others for my help, and almost never pay others for theirs.


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      Re: How do you make your gil?

      I duo Apollyon NW and make around 400k per week off that.

      Also do Brothers ENM duo and possibly get an additional 400k, so 800k per week if I'm lucky.
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        Re: How do you make your gil?

        Dynamis and NMs

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          Re: How do you make your gil?

          Honestly, back when I played, I had done a lot of crap to get money, then I just coasted for about a year. I still hadn't run out when I quit, although money was always tight, I pretty much just went with the flow and made money on the way.


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            Re: How do you make your gil?

            I make most of mine from BCNMs/KSNMs, but it sucks because I haven't been able to get any parties lately, even to a manaburn, and soloing is so damn slow...
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              Re: How do you make your gil?

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              I'd say that accounts for about half of the money I've ever made. I'm almost as bad for the economy as gilsellers. :p


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                Re: How do you make your gil?

       doubt about it. When things aren't selling, and if I'm low on money, I tele-whore. I have to admit that it's been quiet some time since I've done that steadily though. I've gathered too many beasty seals since taking on BST so I'll have to do some BCNM's and see how that turns out.

                While I don't make obscene amounts of money, I generally make enough to keep buying sushi....


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                  Re: How do you make your gil?

                  Battlefields and playing the AH/Consumer Markets are a profitmaker for me. It's fairly steady, and my costs are rather minimal due to the extensive overlap in gear and needs of my jobs.

                  The occasional bit of Fishing also rakes in a steady profit over time as well.


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                    Re: How do you make your gil?

                    I'm surprised Gardening wasn't listed as an option.
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                      Re: How do you make your gil?

                      Didn't the bottom fall out under the Gardening market (outside elemental ores) a while back? I know I've heard that SE kinda ninja'd the success rates on that, and the gardeners amongst my friends certainly were spitting out plenty of obscenities after they got a hold of their new results. From what I was seeing on the AHs during my rounds at the time, it would seem to support that.

                      Did they fix it to where it was worth something again?


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                        Re: How do you make your gil?

                        I farm supplies and craft them into more condensed packages for sale.
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                          Re: How do you make your gil?

                          pretty much anything you can think of. I try to do things that acheive mulitpul results. Farming seeds, meats and skins then crafting the Items I get to raise my craft level. and sell the end results. The only constant thing you can find on AH by me would be vegtable seeds, Whiskers, Onions and Raptor skins even thought the drop rate is discussting on them.
                          I havent had a large supply of Bseals for quite something untill I started trying to get my bluemages' spells. the constant fold of crystals and occational Bseal drop keep me in bussniess.


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                            Re: How do you make your gil?

                            Mercenary work? I guess that's technically correct. I always preferred to think of myself as a cheap, shameless tele-whore. Looking forward to getting that income source back.
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                              Re: How do you make your gil?

                              I'm able to make steady gil from gardening, however as I've restarted and my highest character is lv30 there's no real option to obtain gil from BCNM and higher fights. Mob drops are therefore not truly an option and anything that used to be saleable such as Emp Pin and Leaping Boots are now converted to Rare/Ex making that a no-no.
                              Couple of mules and ten pots per, 20 seeds and 20 crystals per week makes enough to scrape by. That said I have quested NIN :ichi scrolls (Ustusemi, Kuryami and Tonko) as I'm not interested in NIN just yet, but, whilst they're on the AH, there's every possibility I will live to regret selling them in the future >_<