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    Sorry Double Post.


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      Butter is super easy and cheap. Stick with it . Not using the image support should speed you up a tad if you are currently using it. You can make money on it, and up on into insect balls at 20.
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        on 42 i was making top notch apple pies without one failure *knocks on wood*

        the problem is when u synth it only gives out 4 ...if it gave out 12 like meat mithkabob that's another story...

        maybe it will be the greatest money maker over all
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          17.1-20 Baked Popotoes (butter, popoto, fire crystal)

          48.1-50 - Bird egg apple pies. The bird eggs are much cheaper than lizard eggs.

          For making money I do gamma biscuits. Uses Dhalmel meat (800D) and Horo flour (which you buy in Lower Jueno). So if you have mules to buy cheap ingredients else where, you can just sit in Jeuno making these things while you wait for a pt.

          Being a lower synth I get more HQ combines. Although you get back half as much money to PCs as delta biscuits (57), the cost of the ingredients makes the profit about as good.

          Oh and for making money with Mithkabobs: grow your ingredients:

          Herb Seed + Fire Crystal = 17-22 Kazham Peppers
          Veggy Seed + Lightning Crystal = 3-5 Wild Onions
          Herb Seed + Lightning Crystal = 7-9 Mhaura Garlic.
          Veggy Seed + Water Crystal (give on Water day) = Fire Crystals. This hasn't worked as well as I'd like.

          The savings isn't huge, but its significant enough for a profit. My first batch of 10 Herb seeds yielded About 10 stacks of peppers, and 10 ice crystals. Cost me about 5800 for the crop worth about 7.2k


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            thx mate i will try to lvl cooking now
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              i can't sell carrot broth ANYWHERE, and in jueno they charge 500 gil to sell a stack of stuff so i lost 1500 there trying to sell 3 stacks which still haven't sold, so i bazaared and nothing there either, can't even sell it back to the guild what do i do with them :mad:
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                same thing happened to me but luckly i realized that with advanced imagery i could make orange juice with an average success rate and you lvl fairly fast, sure you will loose money but its better to lvl up faster and loose a little money than to waste 1k in a stack of carrots and loose 800 gil (in midgard stack of carrot broth = 200 T_T)


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                  i use advanced imagery and make sliced sardines, i lose like 55% wind crystals, but hardly any bastore sardine, and i do have like a 20% sucess rate, and i lvl up like 80% of the tries .2 at a shot ^_^
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                    finaly someone bought my carrot broth in jueno
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                      Originally posted by tfung
                      I broke even making stone cheese from lvl57-60 selling it back to npcs
                      omg how!? who did you sell to? I can break even on the materials but the cost of the Dark Crystals is killing me.


                      I found my problem. I shipped all my stone cheese back to Bastok where my fame was mucho higher and i was able to break even as well. Glad i saw your post or i would have taken a sizable loss. ^^

                      I didn't think fame made that big a difference.

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                        I found a good alternate to apple pies in the level 42-46 range. If you are a fisher and have a bunch of nosteau herring saved up make Pickled Herring. The recipe is ice crystal, nosteau herring, dried marjoram, and rock salt. This makes 4 pickled herring per attempt and you can sell them back to the cooking guild for 135 apiece. So, a stack of items will make 48 pickled herring, barring any failures, for a gross revenue of 6480. If you were able to farm/fish/garden all the ingredients, you made a pretty penny from 1 stack of items. And this is a much better way to instantly get rid of your nosteau herring than the AH (which sells for about 3k, and pretty much only in Windurst due to this recipe).
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                          I have worked Cooking up to 60, can anyone suggest a good recipe for skilling up further?

                          To comment on 50>60:
                          Beaugreen Sautee took a money loss, but the skillups were just as fast as anything pre-50. I was shocked to see it didn't slow down nearly as I would imagine.
                          I broke even making Stone Chees from 55.0-60.0, even with high failures at first. Once I hit 57, I was successful nearly every time.
                          I made Selbina butter myself, this helped a lot to break even. Got a lot of extra butter from HQing it, very nice.
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                            God bless you Xephoid

                            Best post i've ever seen for crafting. You've inspired me to start Cooking, which i had heard was a waste of time and money when i started playing but had been a dream of mine when i first read up on FFXI :spin:

                            Oh but i have one question. Do you know any fast ways of saving money for those that dont have mules? I dont really feel like paying extra at this point just for Cooking ingredients, but i'm very poor and need to save money if i'm to continue cooking.

                            Again, Thank You


                            Oh, another question. How many Apple pies do you make for the ingredients you listed? I would assume 1 since it coincides with how you've done the rest, but I thought that that might be a little expensive per Apple pie :sweat:

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                              it makes 4 apple pies...


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                                what do i do with the stone cheese?? sell back to NPC? or AH?