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A Strange Maat Strategy--Can it be Done?

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    Re: A Strange Maat Strategy--Can it be Done?

    Originally posted by Karinya View Post
    People who go 1/1 don't always appreciate this, because they only see what did happen, not what could have happened.
    That's actually a very good point. Nice post.

    In my defense, it wasn't just my fight I was basing it off of. I went 1/1, yes, but I gave 2 friends the same strategy who were both 0/10+ using a different one, and both went 1/1 using it.
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      Re: A Strange Maat Strategy--Can it be Done?

      Sorry to necro, but just to be clear, no melee in this fight right?
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        Re: A Strange Maat Strategy--Can it be Done?

        Not traditionally. Sleep Nuke is the way to go. Solo your Testimony from Ruby Quadav and you'll get enough general practice.
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          Re: A Strange Maat Strategy--Can it be Done?

          Yes, based on what I'm seeing here, it only proves my theory that the RDM Maat fight is all pure luck. I know awesome Red Mages who are 0/25+ and I know some who are just awful and are 1/1. It's not always about skill (don't misunderstand, you need skill to survive, but alot of times, luck is huge).

          You could be like me and fight him three times, get drunk, pee on your motherboard and just level another job. I wiped the floor with Maat as DRK, but I am humble and refuse to bring RDM beyond 70 until I can beat him as RDM. If I can't win as RDM, then I shouldn't be one.
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            Re: A Strange Maat Strategy--Can it be Done?

            All Maats are largely luck.

            My first Character fought him as MNK, which is supposedly an easy one. Easy or not, if you get Asuran Fists as soon as Maat has 100tp, while he's 100 fisting you, you lose. He did that 5/6 times to me.

            On my other character, on bst, on the other hand, he called the squishiest, weakest possible pet. Used Shoulder Tackle on my pet, I killed his pet in seconds, turned to him, 1 rampage and it was over. If he had called a beetle or tiger, and used Asuran Fists on my pet, it could have been a pretty dangerous fight. But I got lucky and it was absurdly easy.

            As long as you're not completely inept: Luck > skill vs Maat. So don't feel bad if you're struggling.
            That said, watching some Maat videos on youtube makes me /facepalm, and marvel that not only are some people completely terrible, they are stupid enough to share their stupidity with the world.


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              Re: A Strange Maat Strategy--Can it be Done?

              That must mean you've watched my Maat fight...
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