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    Re: My First Steps

    Since you're in Sandy consider taking up fishing. Fishing for Moat Carp in Knightwell is a very good way of making money early on in the game especially if you're a mage. Those scrolls quickly get expensive unless they can be farmed by a higher levelled friend.

    Looking at the screenshots you seem to be a RDM. For RDM Swords are the best thing to go for though Daggers are highly useful once you can use En-Spells. Swords should be your primary weapon for soloing while wands (and later staves) are better for partying. People can get a VERY stuck up about RDMs meleeing in a party so make sure it's okay with the rest of the party first before you start bashing away at the mob.
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      Re: My First Steps

      Originally posted by assumedvigilance View Post
      you'd think SE would have at least hinted at where to get it in the main cities... but not a word to be found anywhere.
      Yeah, thank god for the ffxiclopedia because most of the quests in the game are not at all obvious. Although, I can see why SE did it that forces players to talk to each other and be more community oriented. In my time playing WoW (I only made it 6 months), I don't think I talked to a single person I didn't already know lol ^^
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        Re: My First Steps

        Make sure you do the starting NPC quests. They are good for a bit of money, a bit of this and that and are designed to help you get several levels under your belt.

        Good Luck with RDM - learn to earn gil quickly, you'll need it.

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