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A Manthra! Huzzah!

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  • Aeolus
    Re: A Manthra! Huzzah!

    Looks like a drowsy female mithra to me. With a flat chest.

    If your playing mithra for a job then get over it, its the story.

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  • Jitensha
    started a topic A Manthra! Huzzah!

    A Manthra! Huzzah!

    Well I've been really curious about manthras, since I myself am a FEMALE MITHRA and get confused for one (which pisses me off), for obvious reasons that more males play mithras on FF than females lol...anyway Many people told me they played mithra for THF or other such I made this mod in hopes that they can still enjoy playing mithra in a male version He works perfectly, tail too. He has a young looking face, but then again he's a mithra....I took the hair style from Chiama's short brown hair mod (from, and tweaked it just a bit. Everything else (besides the hands) were modded to look more male like. The chest (obviously) was flattened and widened,the face became more broad, as well as the pants, feet, legs, and arms were widened. I hope he makes some manthras happy. Remember though, he just has this one outfit (for now) so he's not meant to go on another race but mithra...unless you want his head running around with boobies. If someone wants to go and make some more outfits, by all means

    Edit: In game pics!
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