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  • 70+ Leveling Cooking

    I am level 71 and I am stuck on what to cook for good skillups and I am really looking just to grind to 100. Anyone know good advice or a guide for grinding to 100? or any advice on the matter?

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    Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

    My advice? Don't. Take it slow and make money on the way. Au Laits at this level sell very well at AH and net a good profit. Yellow curry sells for twice what it takes to cook. Etc.
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      Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

      You're wanting relatively inexpensive synths that you could just NPC? Rarab Meatball (76), Pamama au Lait (81) or Bass Meuniere (83) if you can get the bass, Marron Glace (86), Rolanberry Pie (90), Tonosama Rice Ball (94). Some more expensive that others, but those are about as cheap as it gets.

      If it were me though, I'd take greydaze's advice and level slowly on profit synths when possible.
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        Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

        Agreed, take it slow with profit synths. Luckily for me, the Sushi market wasn't flooded on Phoenix when I was able to skill on them, so I profited and skilled fast on those.

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          Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

          I'm at 60 cooking and can't even decide if I want to go all the way with it.

          There are already 100 crafters of every stripe in my LS, so I've got no real burning desire. I don't really know what to do, and none of the "profit synths" seem to work out for me.
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            Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

            i also am level 60 cooking. i didnt think i was gonna lvl it anymore but now ive decided i am. mainly for HQing broths for a BST friend of mine. what are some profitable foods to make after lvl 60 that sell good??


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              Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

              From what I've gathered (cooking 80 as of yesturday-whoot!) cooking is mainly about small profits over time, although I do have to look at my new tier 3 HQ recipes. The Au'Laits really are good, and relatively inexpensive. You could go for some low lev sushi if you have RFH, but I took a hit and skilled on colored eggs for a loss, kept them for GP items, there's no demand for them. 60-65 was a pain till you get to San'D'Orian Tea.
              Hope that helps


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                Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

                Egg soup, Au Lait's, Cookies, etc etc.

                Often it relies on conquest standing and/or regional control, but you can get to 90ish by barely using the a/h.

                You can get to 99 if you can find (and afford) Fresh Mugwort.
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                  Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

                  Use the guild point items to your advantage. Find out what all the levels are requiring for points. The ideal situation is cook to get your points and cook extra. Put in AH at Windy at a good profit. believe me, some people will pay double to just buy the items for points instead of gathering the ingrediants. Some items only sell on guild point days, turtle soup,shark soup, bataquiche etc. You can get triple profits on those items easily. Do tomato soup for points, turn in your HQ soup for your points and sell the rest. Takes time but I made a profit from 80 to 97. After 97, break even would be great but I lost because of the falling economy, but just making it to 100 wasa worth it!
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                    Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

                    While skilling up after 97, you make your profit on beehive chips :D .
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                      Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

                      Well personally i found it at some occations easier to just make for example yagudo drinks to make profit on, i got mule in jeuno so that is pretty easy.
                      And i make profit with the drinks and just decide to take the loss with skilling up.
                      Why would i care if i sell 50 au lait's to shop that cost me like 20k while i make 24 drinks that give a profit of 24-30k.


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                        Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

                        I just dinged 80 cooking. I did pamama au laits since 72. I broke about 50% early on but since I farmed the honey and crystals (farmed beehive chips and honey on my thf for th2 then synthed and hq'd honey out of the beehive chips) I was able to buy the rest of the materials for 201 gil a synth and sell them on the AH for 1300-1400gil a pop (profiting even at 50% breakage) and they sell very fast.

                        My ls leader who is a 100+ cook told me to go 80ish-94ish on emperor roe, flint caviar and Tonosama Rice Balls. Though I am sure you'd have to make something between the roe and caviar (maybe make more pamama au laits and turn them into pamama tanks?) I am still looking at other options since rice balls are not used by sams that much anymore.


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                          Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

                          Please, please don't tell me you wasted money on beehive chips to honey synthesis.

                          Honey is relatively easy to acquire; the beehive chips generally cost much more than the honey does. If you have a high level job you can farm chips and honey very quickly; no one XP's on bees, and there are lots of areas with them.


                          Back on topic...

                          I don't remember precisely what I did in the 70ish range, but it was some combination of things like Emporer Roe, Flint Caviar, and Tavnazian Tacos with a few other easier synths mixed in. I saved the Roe to make Caviar, and saved the Caviar to make Tacos. Very space-intensive, but not wasteful compared to other paths (helps a LOT if you have high Fishing skill to support this, though, as Emporer Fish, Grimmonites, etc. aren't that easy to come by otherwise).



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                            Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

                            XD I farmed both the beehive chips and honey on my TH2 able thf. And I made sure to synth the beehive chips near the alchemists to piss them off(only reason i synthed them.) XD


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                              Re: 70+ Leveling Cooking

                              5 stacks in 45 minutes helped a lot in low levels. :D