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    hmmx thats cool.
    can someone explain to me abt the HQ1, HQ2 thinggies?

    sigh--- Shark Bites just overly rox.
    -Mithra Babes of Siren-


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      When you synthesize an item, most recipes provide for what are called HQ (high quality) results. When you perform one of these successfully, it is accompanied by a unique sound and animation.

      The biggest factors in creating HQ synths are skill, and luck.

      When you do succeed in making an HQ synth, you have the possibility of creating a certain degree (+1, +2, +3) of HQ item, again depending on recipe.

      Some recipes do not have HQ synths, like Brass Ingots (I actually got the animation and sound for an HQ Brass Ingot at one time, but the result I obtained was just the standard Brass Ingot x1). Others have HQ synths with unique names, like the Colored Stone results (Tourmaline, Peridot, Emerald). Yet other recipes simply concatenate the result name with the +1 moniker.

      When you look at an item's icon in inventory/AH/etc, you can usually tell HQ results because they will have a White/Blue band around the outside of the icon square.


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        great post^^

        ok i'm lvl 10 now, syning about 12 bronze rod and it didn't leave up my skill at all

        i'm gonna try fire and tin, i'll do about a stack and i'll give ya guys the results


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          ok just tired it, didn't even give me a skill

          i don't know whats the most effective way to get it all the way up
          from lvl 10-16

          i really don't know what to try


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            The Guide has been edited. May the supermoderators smile upon said edit. Hopefully *P

            Ginku, you likely have not passed your blacksmithing test.

            Talk to the blacksmithing guildmaster NPC in either San D'Oria or Bastok. You'll be assigned the task of making a specific item. Make the item, or buy it off the AH(or somewhere else), and trade it to the guildmaster NPC.

            You will not be able to advance your skill past 10 otherwise.

            I believe your first test will be to craft a Xiphos.

            And yes, using lightning crystals for "breakdown" synths, on beast-made items or otherwise, is rather difficult. However, I have not had a lot of luck with using wind crystals as a substitute. I get a lot of failures. Your mileage may vary, who knows.

            Also, when using wind crystals instead of lightning crystals, you do get different results. For example, wind crystal + gob helm = bronze or iron sheet(instead of ingots, and steel does not seem to be possible? I've never gotten it).


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              lol thx for the info..i don't know how the split out of my mind i will remember it now

              now i'm gonna go save up some more money

              then i'll give the results if 4xtin and fire, will be a cheaper method to skill it up, if not i'm gonna go bronze rod, it seems to be the most cost effective way to raise it up.


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                A recipe that uses Tin Ingots would be great.

                Sales on Phoenix in Bastok are about 1 stack a week, for $3k or so. Makes money since tin ore was only 30 gill each, but is way to slow for my playing style, but is great for leveling. I will be taking these to level 15, at which time I hope to find something else that is cheap, and will still level.

                Even if the recipe is much higher level, or other skill such as Alchemy, it will gave me the idea wether to save them with my mule, or take the loss. If the recipe is so hard to find, there must be profit in the result if it is used at all.

                A tip from another site, says they are used to make Batteries. Evidence was based on failures of a person crafting and loosing tin ingots. Full recipe was not obtained.


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                  From all the digging around I could do, I found this:

                  Water Crystal -- (Copper Ingot, Tin Ingot, Cermet Chunk, Rock Salt, Lightning Cluster, Distilled Water)

                  Yields 33, Alchemy skill ~60.


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                    Agreed, found this as well.

                    Alchemy and Smithing at 56-59 Battery = Water + Copper ingot + Tin ingot + Cermet Chunk + Rock Salt + Lightning cluster + Dis. Water

                    They stack to 99.

                    I am assuming this is the recipe for the lvl10 batteries.

                    Lvl10 = Battery
                    Lvl30 = Kilo Battery
                    Lvl50 = Mega Battery (?)

                    I am also wondering if the tin ingot is used in the making of the Spark type weapons that use these batteries.

                    From the level requirements I wil hold no hope of selling Tin Ingots quickly, and will likely guild or npc them.


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                      ummm. i know this question have been asked many times but i get many different answers.

                      when does it get profitable?

                      sigh--- Shark Bites just overly rox.
                      -Mithra Babes of Siren-


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                        to be honest...

                        I don't think it does =/ at least not anytime soon. The biggest problem with Blacksmithing is that its end products (weapons & armor) get recycled through the economy so even if something is profitable to make now, it will likely drop in price as more people buy it and sell it back to AH when they've outlvled it. The few perishable tools we can make are cheaper to buy in a town that you have decent fame in. Considering the current average lvl of NA players, demand for higher lvl JSE (the big reason to skill above 60, imho) is still based largely on the JPN players and already supplied by JPN crafters. It is likely that the majority of synthed items you can profit from is from making materials for other crafters to skill up off of (ingots, sheets, scales, chain, etc.).

                        Does this mean that blacksmithing not profitable? Absolutely not, however, the measure of how much is based on your server's economy. If you are a miner, blacksmithing is wonderful for turning iron ore into ingots. Similarly, if you are a goldsmith, you can turn silver ore into ingots and likewise with mythril (although it is rare to get silver and mythril in the quantities that would require someone to melt them into ingots unless they were keeping all 'semi precious' ore). This translates into higher effective carrying capacity (dependent on the yields you get) and on my server at least, an increase in profit over selling raw iron ore since iron ingots and sheets sell for more than the ore it takes to make them and require less AH space.

                        So far, I have not found profit beyond making Iron Sheets and my first 'money maker' was making Iron Ingots and selling them in stacks for up to 2.5k profit per stack. Stacks of Iron Sheets make up to 5k profit per stack. The profit is based on buying iron ore at the 'low price' since the 'high price' is usually set by higher lvl crafters making darksteel ingots and no profit can be made when considering ore at that price.

                        (All Bastok Prices on Kujata Server)

                        Iron Ore: 500-600
                        Iron Ingotx12: 28000
                        Iron Sheetx12: 32000
                        Fire Crystalx12: 1500-2000

                        Also, you can make a profit out of breaking down Beastmen armor, although the margin is result it not definite and you may also take a loss if you fail too often.

                        Goblin Helm: 400-600
                        Lightning Crystal: 100-150
                        Bronze Ingot: 100-300
                        Iron Ingot: 2200-2500
                        Steel Ingot: 3000-3500 (may have permanently dropped to 3k)

                        A Gobbie Helm+Lightning synth requires a minimum of 500 and up to 750 to acquire via AH and, if successful, results in a profit of -650 to 2500. I have both made and lost money on gobbie helms I'm not sure if i'm in the plus or minus range =/.

                        I've decided to put my blacksmithing on hold for awhile after losing ~50k in failed Iron Chain synths since no one buys Iron Scales on my server (reason being that Chainmail is not profitable to make anymore unless you're making Silver Mail from it). If you mine, I'd highly suggest getting to at least 16 skill so you can make iron ingots w/o synth support to aid in effective carry load. If you're rich or abhor mining, then I dont think blacksmithing will make you a profit =/.



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                          I was thinking of raising BlackSmith to make money by breaking Goblin Helm and Mail but after reading this thread, it seems like the failure rate is pretty high and the profit you make from this isn't that good. But do you guys suggest it or killing tigers in battalia for teeth will probably give me more money.
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                            Depends on your server, really. If you can get fangs from tigers, that's an easy 2100 gil per three no matter what your server(got that 15 thf sub, or 45+ thf main? even better). As for gob gear, eh, well, farming that can be touchy, and the results are not guarenteed. AND if you want to convert a positive result(such as 2 iron ingots from one mail) to gil, you've got to sell to other players. The tiger teeth will yield gil instantly.

                            Heck, you're level 65, no? You could probably find better sources of income than gob gear and tiger fangs. But tiger fangs would be easier and faster, by far.


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                              Thats a nice guide dude . Im thinkin of startin blacksmithin but im still pretty low lvl and im from windy but it seems like all the good places for buying stuff is in sandy and bastok. plus the guild isint in my town either what should i do'?


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                                You can make bronze scales from level 4-10 you dont have to waste the extra money making bronze bolt heads.

                                I just did this last night so its confirmed
                                Pld 38
                                War 37
                                Thf 17
                                Whm 17
                                Nin 15
                                Drg 11
                                Mnk 10
                                Blm 5
                                Sam 1

                                Blacksmithing 10
                                Warrior all the way!!! or Paladin lol