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  • Problem with registration

    Hey everyone I'm trying to register a new account but i keep getting a Server busy message and then a card is invalid or some shit like that >< I've been trying this for about 3 days now maintenance isnt happening atm are the POL servers just crappy or something? i called my bank it says that its definatly gettting through cause of the $1 they do to make sure theres money in the account but why wont it freakin let me through ???? can anyone help me out on this do i just need to be patient and keep trying or what? lemme know ^^ thanks for the help

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    Re: Problem with registration

    Right before I quit they implemented something with the credit cards where they have to be verified or some crap. I actually do not know how it works and I looked briefly on the website but didn't see anything about it. Maybe someone else here can give us some insight on how it works. Or if someone has the link to the information on the official site that would really help because I could save it for future use if anyone else has a question about it. I'm going to bed!
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