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  • Hello all

    New to FFXI, and since the official site seems a bit lacking I've migrated here.

    Hope this game is as enjoyable as people say :D

    One thing though, how does one gain access to posting in the other forum subsections? I looked around but found nothing on the process needed to gain access. If somebody would be willing to help it'd be much appreciated.

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    Re: Hello all

    Welcome to Dreams in Vana'diel! Hope you enjoy your stay with us here, and enjoy the game as well.

    There shouldn't be any restrictions to access to posting in any forum as far as I know. I'll check with an administrator and see if maybe there's something discombobulated on your account.

    EDIT: I just looked at your account. For some reason you're in the "users awaiting moderation" group, which is totally not correct. I'll try to get that fixed for you as soon as I can flag someone down to do it.

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      Re: Hello all

      Thank you sir, I was waiting for a mod to get onto that but found I could post here so thought there might have been some sort of automated system involved.