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  • Xbox 360 problem

    I need help, my Xbox 360 keeps freezing every time I go into the FFXI Jeuno AH, why is that and is there a way to fix it? Please I really need help

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    Re: Xbox 360 problem

    If you were on a PC I'd suspect it was a corrupted file. Unfortunately, I don't have the Xbox 360 version so I have no idea how to fix your problem.

    Are there any other 360 users out there experiencing this issue?



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      Re: Xbox 360 problem

      If its not lag (and since you are on xbox it has to be broadband), then it might be a corrupted file.

      You can check files (be ready for a long wait) by when you load the game hit cancel instead of putting in your password and you will go to the account selection screen. From there on the left hand side should be an option to check files. If it finds something wrong it will reload that file from disk, just make sure disc is clean of scratchs and smudges.

      I didn't have this problem, but a similar that everytime I zoned into qufim the game would freeze and that is how I corrected the problem.

      Alternativly the only other solution I can offer is to reinstall the whole game (and updates) which will take even longer.

      I *think* the check file option took the better part of an hour and a half to complete and correct the problem, so just have it set to run before you go to sleep.