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Salutations out of Obligation

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  • Salutations out of Obligation

    In other words, Hiya

    I'm Eric, or EricKei, recent refugee from and occasional poster at Alla/GF. Followed a link here, seems like a nice enough place~ So here's my basic info...

    Native New Orleanian and Katrina Survivor ^_^

    College Grad from let's just say long enough ago. Degrees in English and CIS/Systems Analysis.

    I work as a computer consultant for an accounting firm; I also part-time at a local GameStop/Babbage's because I enjoy it. It's not half bad for retail.

    I'm an old-school gamer who still believes that 2D will always be king...But I'm always willing to adapt. Burned out four Atari2600's/Sear Tele-Games units as a child from over-use, back when they were the current/"new" system. I even had a copy of the dreaded E.T. game

    I progressed to the C64/DOS/NES, et al, from there; I'm still addicted, and I am anxiously awaiting the coming of the Revolution...I can't stand the name "Wii" either >_<

    FFXI: Erickei on Lakshmi, Bard74 (and I earned it dammit!), WHM 52, MNK34, THF 37, nothing else past 30. Drop me a line sometime if you want any friendly advice or just wanna have some fun.

    It's a pleasure to meet you all.
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    Re: Salutations out of Obligation

    It's a pleasure to meet you too XD