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    Re: Site is still under editing...

    Originally posted by Murphie View Post
    I think Ping said that some people got gil back, and some didn't. Nothing he can do about it. If you look, some people have an awful lot, and they sure as heck didn't earn it since gil has returned.
    I didn;t get any of my 60k gil i had before the gil was removed. I demand a refund!!!


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      Re: Site is still under editing...

      Maybe it has something to do with the fact they haven't played since '06. Maybe they still have their gil, because it was never deleted in the first place.

      What sucks is about a week before the gil was removed, I won the lottery (oddly enough on my birthday) but I never got time to play around with it
      Originally posted by Ellipses
      Really, it's just like pretty much every question about this game that begins with "Why." The answer is "Because."
      Originally posted by MCLV
      A subjob is like sex, you shouldn't have it untill your 18 but if you don't have it after 21 everyone laughs at you.
      More Sig: