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Something quite interesting.

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  • Something quite interesting.

    So I was just reading up on the Fan Festival 2007 page and saw something quite interesting.
    "This year's Fan Festival is host to the upcoming expansion for FINAL FANTASY XI: Wings of the Goddess! Attendees this year will get an in-depth look at the new expansion's areas, monsters, jobs and more."

    Time to start speculating!

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    Re: Something quite interesting.

    already known ^^
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      Re: Something quite interesting.

      Ya, not really that interesting. Wasn't interesting the first time. It's like going to a job interview and they tell you if you get the job you're going to get paid. That's not the interesting part.
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        Re: Something quite interesting.

        They're not going to announce anymore new jobs since apparently they were all announced at the JP festival. I just hope they announce something worthwhile since I have the feeling we'll be getting jack and shit for news.

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