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  • Icemage
    Re: Looking to buy a PC

    I wouldn't buy a 700 pound sterling PC with those specs. That's equal to something like EDIT: $1165 US and for that you're getting a dated CPU (intel i5), dated GPU (nVidia GTX 645). Oh, and lolWin8 comes pre-installed, what a deal!

    I don't know what the going prices are for hardware in the UK, but you can surely do better than that for that sort of money.


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  • Satori
    started a topic Looking to buy a PC

    Looking to buy a PC

    Hi guys.

    As many of you may remember, The Pc I use is very dated. I'm hopefully going to be in a position to renew my system. I know that for the best value for my money I'd benefit from building from scratch but at the moment I lack the knowledge, skills and time to achieve this due to restraints with working, college and my cake baking orders.

    My computer habits are quite limited. I go to facebook and play the odd game. I watch things on youtube and I game a little, ffxi 'retired'

    I'm hoping to have something I can slap my version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 onto for my college and Uni work and potentially play FFXIV. ARR at a reasonable speed and at standard-mid range graphical quality. I'm not usually one to multi-task though.

    I have seen a machine that I like 'not visually' lol.
    I've looked at components compared to ffxiv and knowing nothing I've just looked for similar numbers.
    I've found one from a retailer that I can afford but unsure of its graphics card capabilities.

    ACER Predator G3-605 Gaming PC Deals | Pcworld

    I'd love it if one of you tech minded guys could take a look and see if it'd suit my purpose.
    I understand that building would benefit me more but I plan to take out coverage on the system whilst I am retraining to degree level nursing.

    Thanks in advance for reading my topic.