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As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it?

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  • As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it?

    Basically as the title states. Obviously as this is a site where most people love FFXI and practically creamed their pants over XIV, I would guess that the results will probably tip in one direction, but hear me out for a few. (Long post incoming, sorry. Lots of thoughts running through my brain at the moment.)

    When FFXIV was first announced, I was really quite thrilled. We saw some of the races, the site started to emerge with glimpses of information, and as time went by even Alpha videos were emerging. I couldn't wait to start exploring a new world. At that point, I was still playing FFXI and WoW pretty much constantly and sometimes simultaneously. Something I'm not quite sure how this shitty laptop managed, but well, it worked out. (And really, I was just camping Khim and checking XI every 58 minutes for the interval, so it wasn't like I was trying to actively play two games.)

    Fast forward a few months, and SE makes all these sweeping changes in policy about how they accept credit card payments, and from whom. I got temp banned on Aks, then a month later, perma banned on Yamila for the same offense - changing cards often. And I'm still not exactly sure when Aks' perma ban happened, but that didn't really affect anything because I had quit months before I even realized I was banned. Still, that irritated me, as I've got multiple cards, and sometimes one gets paid and the other doesn't, so I'm gonna put FFXI on the card that has available funds. I didn't know that = fraud. But whatever, I digress.

    I was pretty annoyed about that, and the fact that I got the complete runaround through several phone calls with both accounts. On top of that, I was getting pretty disenchanted with FFXI in general, and my overall anger at SE for treating me, a long-time customer, like a goddamn criminal, it really sucked the life out of the game. You guys um, may have noticed that. >.>

    All this time, I was still convinced I would play XIV. But as I quit FFXI and withdrew myself from the community (or at least, the community with which I was connected, my old linkshell), I began to lose interest in the prospect of starting yet again with another MMO. I had considered a foray into Aion when it released, but chose not to out of sheer lack of funds. At that point, I'd only ever played two MMOs: FFXI, and WoW. Unless you count the three hours I played the Aion open beta at a friend's house. I just couldn't get immersed in it. I started to wonder if starting FFXIV would end up the same for me as WoW did, where I lost interest after only a few months, or even as Aion did, where I played for three hours and was done with it.

    Granted, SE always makes great games, and comparing a game by them with a game like WoW is probably not really fair, as WoW was marginally fun but just didn't hold me nearly as long as XI did. There are many reasons for that, but there's no need to go into all of that now. Part of me losing interest in both FFXI and WoW was that friends with whom I'd played for a while decided to quit, and I grew lonely. Make new friends? It's possible, but when you had a long history with other friends, making new ones as replacements just doesn't work so well.

    Could I go back to XI? I was even asked by a friend if I would, when I finally "came out" that I was banned. I was surprised, to be honest, that anyone even asked me. You know how it is, you quit, you're done, people forget about you eventually. Everyone is actually pretty forgettable unless you meet them in real life. There are a few friends from 2004 that I remember, sure, but for the most part, people leave, and they're forgotten. So then I thought, could I go back and join the same people in XIV that I played with in XI? Would it be weird to re-join that group? With some of the history (I had a few fallings out, nothing I wish to go into) and whatnot, would I feel out of place? Would the fact that I missed out on the things that have taken place between July (when I quit) and when XIV releases make me feel like an outcast?

    But on the other hand, do I want to start over and make new friends?

    And really, can I? Think about it. In terms of FFXI, I'm pretty well known. I post regularly on BG and I was in Excellence, which, like it or not, brings notoriety regardless. I wouldn't change my name, I love it too much. But stepping into FFXI for the first time was so much different than stepping into XIV will be. You're already known. There's already history. There's already a community for it.

    It wasn't like that when I started XI. It wasn't like that when I started WoW. I'm not sure it's necessarily a bad thing, but really, is the community really going to change just because the game does? I don't know. And the community has gotten quite snobbish as of late, and I won't lie and say I never was a part of that (because I totally was) but do I want to go through that again? FFXI was like high school sometimes with BG as the gossip column or something.

    And this isn't even the root of it. I don't know. The more I look at XIV posts and articles the more I feel like I don't even know if I'd be interested in playing it. I didn't know anything about XI when I bought it except that it was a FF game and I loved X so maybe I'd love this online thing. And I just kind of stepped in and immersed myself, figuring it out as I went, with or without help. Can I really do that with XIV when I already know so much about it? And not necessarily mechanics of the game and mathematics (though I'm sure that will become important as it inevitably does) but just ... in general? Maybe I'm just being cynical of my ability to enjoy a game with so much pre-information. But when I think back to opening up Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, all I knew of it was what I saw in the commercials. I already feel like I know too much about XIV before I even get the chance to enjoy exploring it on my own, you know?

    I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy and I'm worrying way too much about the game before I even know how it will play. But it just seems like the more I learn about it and the more excited everyone else gets, the less I really care about it at all.

    Point of post (or the tl;dr):

    So I was wondering. Has all of the information you've gotten about XIV leave you wanting more? Or are you thinking that it's too much, or just losing interest before you've even gotten the chance to experience it? Just wondering if anyone else is feeling the way I have been, like the more they hear the less excited they get.

    Feel free to ramble as I have, I'm encouraging discussion here of what people are thinking on this.
    ...the more I can't wait for more info, and to play it!
    ...the more I can't wait for more info before deciding if I'll play it.
    ...the more I'm thinking I'll just pass on it.
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    Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

    I like new worlds, new frontiers to explore and new gameplay dynamics, so yes, I am still very interested in FFXIV.

    I will be maintaining my present handles in the existing communites I'm involved with, but have no intention of repeating my FFXI character names. My reputation is fine, I just retire handles after a few years. Mock was a handle I used in older games, Foobar and Kitten for FFXI, now I've got new names planned (inspired somewhat by my D-Toid handle).

    Even with the increase to level cap, I'd probably only return briefly to play FFXI for a few months and still move on to FFXIV. Personally, I'm just happy to see FFXI get shaken up a bit, allowing me to leave something that was interesting rather than something that remained boring.

    That and watching the old endgame die. That's fun too.


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      Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

      As far as the FFXIV thing goes...

      I want to play it, yet at the same time, I feel as if it will disappoint me near the end just like FFXI did to me. The increased level cap is nice but... I don't want to go back and grind all my jobs from 75-99, and then my subs. I don't want to grind them. And then think about the time you need to spend to grind away for money. And don't forget about all the time you need to spend searching to get parties, and try to form one. It just took way too long to get much accomplished in game. But all in all, it was fine earlier in game.

      But for FFXIV, I want to play it because it seems like it will be different. Be able to swap classes on the fly, cool! Crafters as an actual class, cool! Multiple, on multiple fights, cool! Cool looking armor for the classes, even cooler! A more active battle system, cool! More solability, even better!

      It seems pretty good, will have a new experience in a brand new game. At the beginning, and much more adventures, and actually moving about "exploring" the areas. Seems pretty fun. But I just hope it doesn't end up like FFXI did in the end.


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        Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

        What about "Want to play but I'm not actually reading all the information/news yet." I usually do that with most games that would normally hype me out of my mind.
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          Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

          I can't wait to be honest.

          I have a bunch of buddies irl who we all played FFXI back in the day and are now hopping back into FFXIV together. Should be good times, even if the game doesn't live up to expectations; games with friends are always enjoyable in my opinion.
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            Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

            I voted "pass", but the more I think about it, the more I find that I'm actually riding the fence on this one. On one hand, I know that if I play the next installment, I'll most likely become addicted. All the things that I know that I should be doing are getting pushed aside in favor of the game. I don't think that I want "logging in" to be my future for the next 5-6 years....or more.

            On the other hand, I never really got to try EG stuffs do to my life changing over the last couple of years. The play time just wasn't there. While my life is now loaded w/ responsibilities, I'm able to play again. I could experience just about everything that I wanted to in the next installment. I just don't know if it will be worth it.

            All of this is subject to change as my life and priorities change. We'll see I suppose.


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              Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

              More things to keep me entertain. FFXIV still is a sure play for me no matter how the game turns out

              I'll decided after I tried the game if I want to keep playing or not.
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                Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

                ff14 dowant. moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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                  Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

                  I've become more excited about it, but given that my reception of it was pretty lukewarm in the first place that doesn't say a lot. I'll at least give it a try one way or another, but whether I stick with it depends on a lot.
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                    Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

                    So far the only thing that hasn't gotten me excited about XIV is the lack of MP recovery, that's actually pissing me off a great deal.

                    But apart from that, I have been enthralled ever since I saw that E3 trailer. Up until that point I was very skeptical, even considering quitting MMO's altogether after I finished with XI.

                    I mean between the amazing new graphics, voice acting and Nobuo doingthe entire music score I am so stoked. Starting brand new is going to suck for a bit, but at the same time it's also fun. Largely because I'm not the only one; everyone else will be learning as we go along too.

                    The other thing is other than WotG, I'm done with just about all the missions in the game and I'm itching for fresh new story content. The combat is sounding a hell of a lot more engaging than XI's as well.

                    Bottom line, there's plenty to be excited about and the worst you can do is try out the beta or (assuming SE is smart this time) the free trial when the game comes out. Don't like it? Then just forget about it.

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                      Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

                      I am very excited for FFXIV and can't wait.

                      Also I disagree that many friends are forgettable unless you meet them in real life. I have friends who I've known in FFXI since 2003-2004 and they don't play anymore but I still keep in touch with them through Facebook and MSN, still very good friends.

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                        Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

                        I know I will play FFXIV someday and I am very excited to hear more.

                        Only thing holding me back, I'm not done with FFXI.
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                          Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

                          I can't wait for FFXIV. The graphics and music are going to be of the ffxiii caliber, yes?
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                            Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

                            Not really excited for it at all. They have not shown a single thing that will somehow differentiate it/make it more interesting than any other MMO currently on the market.

                            I'll give it a fair try if I get into the beta or if there's a free trial some time after release, but as of now there is no way I am throwing money down for it.

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                              Re: As FFXIV approaches and more news comes in, are you more or less excited about it

                              I dare say you could be even more cynical than BBQ or Feba.

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