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WAR from 16-20, weapons?

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    Re: WAR from 16-20, weapons?

    Originally posted by Celeal View Post
    The gap between DW Axe and G.Axe is not too noticeable if you do WAR/SAM using Hasso. I had done that in my last party, and it is fairly interesting.
    It is true that DW II delay is lower than Hasso. However, DW reduces the TP gain per swing as well, while Hasso does not change the the TP gain per swing. On top of that, /SAM has Store-TP, plus 2-handed weapon has more TP per hit compare to 1-handed weapon.
    For weapons at Dunes level, I suggest to bring both Axe and G.Axe to party. You never know if you would like to level WAR past 37 in the future, and it is a pain in the butt to skill up weapons outside of exp. parties.
    Hasso also gives you +10 acc and some STR. You won't be able to use it on WAR/SAM until level 50, though - IMO WAR/SAM isn't really worthwhile before then. You don't get enough to be worth giving up the benefits of another sub (especially /THF, since WAR/SAM is mainly a DD setup anyway).

    Below 30, I would suggest /MNK and GA if you're damage dealing, axe and shield if you're tanking. If you're tanking, boost as often as possible - it gives significant hate as well as raising damage. If you're damage dealing, only boost for WS - or in between fights, when the hate doesn't matter. I also agree with the recommendation for Shield Break - especially early in a fight. (If the mob is almost dead, a WS that does more raw damage like Sturmwind may be preferable - or you could save your TP and Shield Break early in the next fight.)
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      Re: WAR from 16-20, weapons?

      Even if tanking, I'd still use GAX. You'll deal more damage over all, and you have shield break. Axe and Shield is nice, but WAR doesn't have the proficiency with it like PLD does to really make it effective.



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        Re: WAR from 16-20, weapons?

        Axe and Shield would be nice if WAR got a Size 3 shield before 48, and if Axe actually had a decently damaging WS before Spinning Axe/Rampage. The skill difference shouldn't make much of a difference; but weaker damage output and the "ok-ish" damage reduction on Size 2 shields make me go with Great Axe every time.

        As for TP, I prefer to save it for the next fight if the mob is really down to its last HP. I mean, if you've got Shield Break on it, and you're not overhunting, even if it's still got a whole 20% to go, it shouldn't take too long to kill it.