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  • Conquest goodies

    WAR/ LVL 10

    Are the San D`Oria level 1 conquest items worth buying? I'm referring to the items the R.K. guard tries to sell you when you want to cash in on your conquest points in San D`Oria.

    I just don't want to rip myself off after doing a bunch of supplies missions.


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    Re: Conquest goodies

    If you have gil then use the gil to buy the eq u need from conquest or other wise. if not u can use cp to get the item u need or sell the item u get from cp.


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      Re: Conquest goodies

      I didn't know I could use gil! well that makes things a bit easier since I've been making fancy at the auction house.

      But are the items he's selling (LVL 10 swords and armour and such) worth buying or is it all crap?


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        Re: Conquest goodies

        The LV1 stuff from the CP Vendors really are useless IMO. The stuff doesn't start getting good til Rank 3. I'd reccomend saving your CP for now.

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        Double Post;

        There are some truly good things you can get later on, which is why I reccomend saving up.^^
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          Re: Conquest goodies

          The Royal Footman's Gloves are worth getting for 1k CP, but save the rest for later. The other items are useful, but only for other jobs or for upgrading. Save the rest of your CP for later, you'll need it.
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