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Hi I am new to THF

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    Re: Hi I am new to THF

    You should check this out for beginner stuff: References

    Good Luck. BTW, you should look into the subjob thing and plan accordingly. It kind of makes a difference in the early levels. I was WAR/RDM -> lol 37
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    (Read this at a normal pace...)
    Tihs Msseage Connat Be Raed By Nromal Huamn Biegns. Pelsae Ntoify Yuor Firedns Taht If Tehy Can Raed Tihs, Taht Tehy Aenr't Namrol...Cnovrresly, Atmpetnig To Raed Tihs Msasege At Nmaorl Pcae And Bineg Albe To, Cna't be Namrol Etiehr...If Yor'ue Albe To Raed Tihs, Tehn Mybae Yur'oe Not Nrmaol.


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      Re: Hi I am new to THF

      Originally posted by Takelli View Post
      Since you are new as you said... Don't use a gun and bullets. Bullets are VERY expensive. Bronze Bullets sell for nearly 80k/Stack of pouches, even 100k on some servers I think.
      I've always made my own ammo, aside from a few rusty bolts from Scavenge or a few bolts from Steal on rng gobbies. Just tonight I turned about 20 jars of Vitriol (which I made from dhalmel spit and had been taking up mule space for a while) into 3 1/2 stacks of Acid Bolt quivers.
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      >not having all jobs at 99

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        Re: Hi I am new to THF

        Nice, it's been hard to catch Vitriol or Treant Bulbs on the AH, it seems to be the limiting factor in making acid bolt heads...