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Noob SCH and the Dooms

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    Re: Noob SCH and the Dooms

    Why not just make your own party and play it out as a blm until you get cure II and Regen?


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      Re: Noob SCH and the Dooms

      SCH is kind of painful to get through the early levels on, the Cure II at 17 issue is a reason I wouldn't recommend taking SCH to the dunes at all. Nuking isn't fully a solution since without MAB from /BLM (@20) you'll also have damage problems. Honestly, every time I've leveled SCH I've soloed it by nuking worms (SCH/WHM, Banish is nuke of choice until around 20 anyway). Though if you can put together a duo/trio/quartet of nukers/magic-DoTers, this can be very effective on high-level worms (Icemage, Pteryx, Stac and I did this for a bit in Maze of Shakrami when the former three were leveling SCH; I ended up on MNK/WHM for reasons very circumstantially specific, but it at least let me Dia and Banish, and we were still getting 200 xp/kill with 4 members).

      If you can get a group together for worms, you can go after stuff like Maze Makers way earlier than otherwise possible (trick is to rest outside of casting range while cycling responsibility for keeping a DoT on the worm). For the solo option, though, WotG camps create a lot of good options for the teens. The trickiest part in my experience is right in the mid-teens (14-16) where the only good worm camp I can find is King Ranperre's Tomb; without a PL this place is only usable in the daytime, bats will aggro like crazy at night so it's easier to just log out for about half an hour when the sun goes down.
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        Re: Noob SCH and the Dooms

        Amazed this necro hasn't been locked yet.

        SCH doesn't even learn acceptable Curative magic until Cure II at 17 and Regen at 18, taking on main heal even with some /DNC users is dicey against VT/IT mobs at Dunes level. SCH is on shaky ground until Cure III at 30 and Regen II at 37. After 40 is when their lives as healers really begin because they'll have Accession at their disposal and that can only grow more powerful as they gain more stratagem charges.

        I wouldn't even consider playing SCH as a healer until you got out Qufim at minimum and certainly not without support. As I said before, I duoed my way to 25 before I dabbled in partying.

        You can solo/duo:

        N. Gustaberg > N. Gustaberg (S) > Maze of Shakarami > Korraloka Tunnel/Qufim > Grauberg/Attowah Chasm.

        The only real stopgap in the flow is soloing after Korraloka and Quifm, you might wish to party 27-31 since there are no worms with passable EXP unless you've been sitting on an Anniversary Band. After that, though, back to soloing all the way to 37.


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          Re: Noob SCH and the Dooms

          It'd be absolutely stupid to use SCH as a healer before Lv.17/18--as a sole healer in a party, anyway. Nothing wrong with 2~3 cure sources per party in Valkurm Dunes, though, or even after. WHM can do the Cure II's while the SCH pump out Cure I's, and it'd actually work out.

          There really isn't anything wrong with a co-healer SCH in the Dunes if you can avoid dumb leaders and partner up on cures with a WHM, RDM, DNC, or even another SCH. Think I usually end up with DNC or WHM back then. Really, it's no different than RDM before Cure II (Lv.14)--if you have cure and a reasonable MP pool, you can be one of the co-healers. It's as simple as that.

          Of course, SCH shouldn't be 'main' healer until Lv.40+. Then again, at Lv.40, WHM gets Haste, so it's still good to partner with a WHM--the SCH handles the bulk of the curing load, while the WHM can Haste the entire front line.
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