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Restriction's PUP quest guide.

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  • Restriction's PUP quest guide.

    Here's from my experiances doing the PUP quest.

    I'm using Gobo's info on the NPC names so I dont have to find them myself.

    Start the quest in Bastok markets, near the fountain by the AH on the side with the Homepoint Crystal you can start the PUP quest, speak with the elvaan male with the dancing puppet then head to the new TOA area's.

    Once you get to Aht Urhgan Whitegate you need to first speak with a Taru.
    K-9 in Aht Urghan Whitegate and talk to Iruki-Waraki- He is on top of the wall(not on the ground level).

    After that head to the Automation shop located at I-7 (Also on the wall) and speak with the galka inside named "Ghatsad", he will ask you to get him a puppet.

    Now head to H-6, and get on that boat that goes to Nashmu.

    Once in Nashmu head out the north exit. Heres were it gets a bit tough, so I made a small map guide to help out on this part. Just try and follow the line I made on the map.

    Once inside Arrapago Reef, you will be in a cave, just take a few left turn's and you will see a pirate ship, walk onto the rear end of it. Now that your in the back of the boat, you will see two staircases, one on the right and one on the left, the staircase on the right will be broken, inspect the ??? in the broken staircase and you will get a small cut-scene showing the puppet you were sent to find.

    After that head back to Ghatsad in the automation shop in "Aht Urhgan Whitegate" . You will get another cut scene, after that wait 1 game day and speak with him again. (You may need to zone).

    After that head back to the taru you first spoke with at K-9 "Iruki-Waraki". After you finish the cut scene you are offically a Puppetmaster congrats

    *I did the entire quest as a Lv1 Samurai, thats how I found out what mobs aggro, lol*
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    Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

    Where do ya buy a map for that area? I can't seem to find the seller anywhere.
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      Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

      I've heard the map has to be quested, but you can do the quests without a map because I did. Just follow the crowd if there is one. Use the map Lionheart posted for reference if you are not 100% confident.
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        Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

        I think I'm having a problem getting this quest. I have the expansion installed and registered, and I've been to the new areas so I know it works but when I talk to the PUP guy in Bastok, all the response I get is "... Dancing now. Please observe."

        I'm a 22blm/11whm right now (my highest jobs) ... does this require a minimum level or some other prerequisite? I haven't finished the mercenary quest yet. Would that prevent me from getting the new jobs?


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          Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

          you have to be at least 30 to unlock advanced/extra jobs, PUP included.

          Thanks Yyg!


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            Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.


            Thanks for the confirmation. I was afraid of that.

            *logs into PlayOnline to suspend account*


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              Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

              You're going to suspend a massively multiplayer game account because you haven't spent enough time to unlock the advanced jobs yet? Holy instant gratification!



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                Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

                No, I'm suspending because I've been playing for two years, am bored with the stuff that's available to me, and was hoping I could get interested again with new content.

                I just don't have the time this game requires anymore.

                No point talking about it and cluttering the guide thread, though. Sorry for the threadjack.


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                  Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

                  ouch 2 years and you havent made it to 30?
                  i think if you put more time into partying you might see the 98% of the game you havent seen yet. :\
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                    Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

                    i agree...If yoiur nopt 30 by two months something is wrong...sry to say it.

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                      Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

                      sticky ^^


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                        Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

                        Great guide! I went through this without getting aggroed even once @_@ I was using level 3 thief,but decided to be my Monk so sneak and invisible would work. This part took me about 5 minutes @_@ I was so surprised how easy it was when I was trying 1000 times before to go one way and then a Japanese Dragoon took me through a way that was very safe and it was quick. I don't remember exactly where we went, but it was very efficient.


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                          Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

                          I went a differen direction and took me 15 tries witrh lvl 1 BST XD. But then I got mad and was about to give up then I asked a whm to help he did, i died, he raised, then he died and i got there and got the antique automation . I'm happy now, just confused and don't like how the health is done by only oil . But oh well ill soon hope one day ill take that to level 75 also .

                          Wheres a guide for subjobs for PUP?

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                            Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

                            i just saw what the af looks like for this job and decided i'm gonna take it to at least 60. pup af looks so cool on taru yay now i have 4 jobs i want to get af for lol and thank you for the guide i found this place on my way to get cor lol


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                              Re: Restriction's PUP quest guide.

                              I DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              after 5 tries at level 1, I finally did it
                              I encounter 2 problems:
                              1- (I-8) before you enter the small cave there were 3 bugs of doom (Chigoe)! I "studied" there wondering path and manage to find a perfect way 100% to pass them by wall walking to the left and waiting in a position very close to their walking path but without aggroing me! ( I was surprise ) it was like a blank point place (and thats how I knew they are bugs not toads..maybe....)

                              2- at the entrance of Arrapago Reef there were 3 mobs, Lamia Fatedealer and 2 Skeletons, I did the exact same thing as bugs of doom, I found a blank point to the right next to the entrance of the cave, waited there until the 3 mobs were a bit far and I ran like hell inside

                              in the ship I was going to make a deadly mistake (there was some mobs thought the quest item in the other side..) , but I manage to target ??? and kept moving closer and closer while hitting "enter" until I triggered the event and got the puppet!

                              btw, Iruki-Waraki is funny ...he made me giggle
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