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A good sub?

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  • A good sub?

    Well, yeah, I'm starting as a Monk soon, and I was wondering what a good solid sub job would be. I've been told that WHM is good for Soloing, and WAR is good for partying, but i was just wondering if there was a subjob that was like, THE definitive sub job for monks, that's useful in all situations. You'll have to excuse if i've put this in the wrong place or missed something else, I'm a little new here.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Re: A good sub?

    Warrior. (is still thinking but can't come up with any others.. Samurai.. but mostly Warrior.) Ow and Whm is only usefull for subjob for Monk because it add's MND which helps Chi Blast. I think that's about it.

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      Re: A good sub?

      RNG (Accuracy Bonus trait) and DRG (Jump) are good from 20-30 but those aren't available to you since you're starting out. THF offers Evasion Bonus at 20 which can be nice, but will seldom be used in a party because you can't tank without Provoke. WAR gives you Provoke at 10 and Defense Bonus (Def+10) at 20 and can let you save the party in a bad situation if you're properly equipped. Post-30 WAR sub gives you Berserk and is basically THE sub. WHM sub is used on HNMs to do 1k damage Chi Blasts like Sweetkitty said, but you won't have to worry about it for a long time (it still makes a good soloing sub job though.) Most other subs will be extremely situational, like for special events like BCNM and boss fights or Ballista (FFXI's spin-off of PvP.)


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        Re: A good sub?

        Looks like WAR's the most favoured choice so far, I'll probably choose that. Thanks for the help so far guys =]


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          Re: A good sub?

          yeah, if you want a difinitive "THE" sub, i'd say go with /war. it's the most useul sub in most situations.

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            Re: A good sub?

            I'm sorta suprised no one mention /nin ;P At lv74 mnk/nin will have access to Utsusemi:Ni which basically makes you a tank and DD. The beauty is that mnks have B+ evasion (ninja have A- fyi) and we can wear quite a few +haste items (blackbelt, byakko hiadate...etc) which makes us a good blink tank. Plus, Counterstance with shadows will further increase ur tanking ability!

            It's true that /war is by far the most popular subjob as far as xp goes. There is one major disadvantage - mnk/war are basically MP sponge XD. After lv65 or 66 (forgot when u get dragon kick), /thf is also a popular option depending your PT setup because you can close a light sc with Fuidama DK for 1k dmg :D


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              Re: A good sub?

              Warrior it is then.

              What about Samurai? Would that make a good sub?


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                Re: A good sub?

                A SAM sub is mostly just for messing around - it won't get any serious usage.

                MNK/WAR is your bread and butter combo. Its powerful, they compliment each other well, and you get a lot of useful abilities. This is also your highest damage dealing setup 99% of the time. This is the mainstay that you will use in most of your EXP parties from 1 to 75.

                MNK/THF is another option (but only past 60+) that can see some use depending on your party setup, or certain NM or HNM that must be fought using Trick Attack. Useful for farming as well.

                MNK/WHM is a strong soloing setup, especially once you skill up staff to the point where you can get Spirit Taker (MNK have a pretty high skill with staff, and you can equip some very damaging ones later on). This basically gives you a high damage output, and near "infinite" MP to use white magic with. This is also the setup you will be using on anything you will Chi Blast as it gives you the highest MND possible, and gives you some other useful HNM survivability tools (Blink, Stoneskin, Cure spells, etc).

                MNK/NIN is a pseudo tank, although mostly it is just used to increase your personal survivability (for instance in Dynamis). Utsusemi is undeniably powerful in keeping yourself alive with little support.

                Other sub combinations are possible, but usually not worth it. Most are just for messing around or extremely specific circumstances.

                Hope that helped.
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                  Re: A good sub?

                  The only sub I currently use in EXP pts is /WAR but I will likely lvl THF once I get dragon kick.

                  For soloing the best sub is hands down WHM. Once you have staff leveled you are nigh unstoppable. My soloing specific gear is as follows for MNK/WHM and I can usually take on about 4 or 5 EPs before any rest is needed:

                  Revenging Staff +1
                  Vermillion Cloak
                  Astral Ringx2
                  Garden Bangles (day)/ RSE gloves (night)
                  RSE legs
                  RSE feet

                  With this set up I have roughly 200 mp, auto-regen and auto-refresh. During daytime I have +2hp per tic O.o
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                    Re: A good sub?

                    I should be on soon... Just got to wait 3 hours for the update to finish. T_T;


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                      Re: A good sub?

                      Before the TP nerf, SAM was the sub for high level melee with multiple-hit WS.

                      MNK/SAM in particular was ridiculously powerful.

                      Nowadays, though, stick with WAR as your sub. THF makes for a great situational sub as well.
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                        Re: A good sub?

                        War only for pt, nin or whm for solo or situations where you need to take alot of dmg, thf for farming, only subs you'll need and won't need all depending on what you want to do.

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                          Re: A good sub?

                          Hey, i finally got on the game, and I'm levelling up my Warrior before i choose monk as my main job


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                            Re: A good sub?

                            Cool ^^ Remember, STR equipment is your friend, and so are axes and great axe ;3 Don't touch swords :3


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                              Re: A good sub?

                              War hands down, im still yet to try out mnk/sam