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    Can anyone please tell me if this is usefull in anyway? I have solo'ed most of the way and am currently sitting at level 54. It has been very fun thus far, but I can't seem to find anything good about BLU's 2Hr ability. Granted, I have been blowing through the levels spamming bludgeon for the most part, experimenting with other spells, but mostly sticking to the 30TP giving bludgeon. I have most of my spells up to date, I think I am missing pinecomb bomb (which I would really like, but I sat waiting on one tree to respawn in Batallia and in one hour I didn't see it used once.) I try to see some difference with Azure Lore, but I haven't noticed anything. Blue Magic has been capped most of the way. I don't notice any increase in damage, and the resist rate is about the same. (I would say 95% or better on the spell hitting with out it, and I would say I have seen the spell have no effect while Azure Lore is present.) Can someone please tell me what I am missing? a two hour ability should be somewhat powerful, given it is only useable, well, every two hours.
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    Re: Azure Lore

    It doubles your spell's stat mods (e.g. 20% DEX becomes 40% dex) and your spells behave as if they had slightly more than 300 TP.

    You're not going to notice much of a difference on a spell like Bludgeon while soloing since its TP effect is increased Accuracy.


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      Re: Azure Lore

      I think the consensus is that Azure Lore is pretty terrible. Back when I was leveling BLU in the 20s I noticed turning it on made a difference in damage and accuracy of spells against an NM, but that was about it. It's not exactly an ace up your sleeve.
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        Re: Azure Lore

        According to this old guide, it also increases the damage multiplier on some magical attacks. You might notice more of a difference when using those.
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