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bst / blu! yay or nay

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  • bst / blu! yay or nay

    bst/blue vote
    very bad
    not that great
    omg great!

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    Re: bst / blu! yay or nay! VOTE!!!

    Please don't post the same thread across multiple forums. Especially ones that are as devoid of content as this one.

    And in regard to your question, I can't think of any good reason to sub it.
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      Re: bst / blu! yay or nay! VOTE

      Pro: You get Coccoon.
      Con: You only get Coccon. No Sneak. No Invisible. No offensive boosts. Nothing else.




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        Re: bst / blu! yay or nay

        Well you get offensive boosts in the stats the spells give.
        And supposly physical blue spells are based pretty much solely on your main hand weapon's accurcy and do good damage even when Blu is subed.

        But I really don't know how Bst/Blu would work. Haven't tried it myself, tho I am tempted sometime.

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          Re: bst / blu! yay or nay

          I did BST/BLU until 24. Then switched to NIN. Can't say it was much good, but the extra CHR (and other stats) from the equipped spells helped. I liked NIN more for shadows.

          Umm, you can get Beast Killer at level 8 (4 if BLU main), rather then waiting until 70 to get it, but then that's still not too good of a reason to sub BLU.

          Stoneskin (Metallic Body) took maybe 1 hit before it went. But when my pet dies and I needed to solo something I cocoon up and take the monster on (near death). Although Pollen was handy to decrease downtime, it becomes an increasingly big drain on MP because of the amount of times you need to cast it.

          I can't say much for higher levels, but I surely didn't use much or any spells at all except Cocoon and Metallic Body. I throw in a Sprout Smack sometimes to help, but it doesn't always stick. Foot Kick did about 5 damage (when I tried to kill the monster who had an inch of life left) and then I'm out of MP.

          Just have fun and enjoy, I'm sure you can be versatile with it since it has a nice range of spells and traits (Auto Regen!?). But be prepared to spend lots of money on stealth items just because BLU cannot cast Sneak/Invis.
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            Re: bst / blu! yay or nay

            The only situation i would chose bst/blu is in ballista for cocoon, bindga(blastbomb >.>) bludgon, pollen, sheepsong. i havent tryed it yet since my blu is still locked but it looks like a better combo in 40 cap then bst/nin(shadows are always wiped so they are useless).

            for soloing i do bst/nin but alot of others like /whm so chose what you like more or what the situation requires.


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              Re: bst / blu! yay or nay

              To be as short as the OP :

              BST = solo = sub what you want.


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                Re: bst / blu! yay or nay

                well for startes, if you sub Blu, you can increase your stats. eg. Say you in a pt, but you also need ot help heal (perhaps in new area with refeesh on) sub blu, increase your str and dex stats to the max (which can go above a /war) then when need, use healing breath to heal everyone.

                OR if you wanted heaps of Chr, you could boost it up, with all the chr type spells, and have the highestr among and sub job.

                another thing is, that most of the stat down spells, are suppose to work.

                maybe in a duo, one bst/whm other bst/blu, this could really shine.


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                  Re: bst / blu! yay or nay

                  To me, sneak and invisible is important.
                  If I choose not to have sneak and invisible, then I'd rather sub PLD for cure and mp refresh.


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                    Re: bst / blu! yay or nay

                    I'm more interested in BLU/BST. I quit right before the expansion was released, so this may not even be viable because I don't know the mechanics of BLU. But I still wanna check it out.

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                      Re: bst / blu! yay or nay

                      BST/BLU: Solo, the useful BLU spells you'll be setting are Pollen, Cocoon, and ones that give you job traits. Having Beast Killer at lvl 8 is pretty nice. Other than that I think you'll be finding that it's pretty lacking as a sub. I'd certainly give it a try if you're interested, but it isn't going to give /WHM a run for it's money. I'm sure someone somewhere sometime will take BST from 1-75 with BST/BLU because they didn't want to level WHM or NIN or something, but I don't think its useful for anything much beyond low level solo play.

                      On the other hand...

                      BLU/BST is rediculously good. Up to 35, it's significantly better than BST/anything. Just play it like you would BST/WHM charming DC-EMs and going after Ts, knowing that if you have full mp you can pretty much destroy any mob solo.

                      Let me put it this way, as a BST/WHM (before level 30) I was always aware of how big the last sliver needed to be for me to be able to survive finishing my prey off. Depending on how tough the prey was and what level it was, I'd say I could finish off a mob with somwhere between 1-10% of their HP remaining...with 5-10% pushing it on most mobs. (I'm talking before I did a lot of meleeing and pretty much never had TP) As BLU/BST, before level 30, that sliver where you know you can finish a mob off is somewhere between 100-200% of a low Ts HP, as long as you have plenty of MP.

                      Also, you have some really nice tools that you didn't have before, stun + sleep as early as level 16 is a really nice combo to get out of sticky mischarm/link situations
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                        Re: bst / blu! yay or nay

                        Thanks for the informative post, Boy. I figured it'd work, but I didn't know the mechanics of BLU or what enemy skills we could learn or how the MP thang worked with enemy skills. I've always loved gather enemy skills in other FF games, so this sounds like it's right up my alley. Can't wait to try it out when I come back to FFXI, althought I'm gunna finish up RDM/BST before I delve into BLU/BST. Thanks for the info.

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