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How To Unlock Blue Mage & Puppetmaster, Elaborated.

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    Re: How To Unlock Blue Mage & Puppetmaster, Elaborated.

    Where is the mog locker quest?


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      Re: How To Unlock Blue Mage & Puppetmaster, Elaborated.

      Originally posted by DeviFoxx
      Aye. I'm supposed to be raising BLU right now.

      I just got my Mog Locker...

      And I feel SO relieved... It's like dropping a huge... ummm... you know what, in the toilet...

      I had too much stuff on my hands.
      This is what I was trying to do last night. Do you have to be a registered Merc to be able to qualify? Do you have any info on this? (I'm at work, so I can't wander around aimlessly and talk to people to figure it out. I really need some extra space too!)

      BTW, I kinda like the look of the new Mog House. Is there a Mog House Exit quest for this place too?

      Another not, I found another Apsirable mob. I went into Bhaflau Thicket and found a pink bird that looked like Tucan Sam. They have MP! I was DC and I wanted to see how bad they were. I hit it up for Drain and figured why not, let's try Aspir, and I got 85MP back! So for us RDM/BLMs and us BLMs, we have some more fiends to add to our MP pool! ^^
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        Re: How To Unlock Blue Mage & Puppetmaster, Elaborated.


        3 cutscenes in whitegate
        1. at coffee shop
        2. by whitegate
        3. at coffee shop

        go into same direction as pup quest, when it comes going to the reef. when you see first shipwreck, go down and you'll find a gate where key is required. sneak is the emphasis here, keep in mind lamia do detect sight.

        kill lamia for fang key, these mobs have BRD, SMN, BLU, PUP jobs

        open door, hug left wall you will find another gate guarded by ghost, that is to be opened, you will get to another shipwreck, that is where ??? is located. a cutscene will happen

        retrun to nashmau, take the west zone to the mires. sneak is requied, but keep in mind sheep/imps are sight. stay away from imps, they can see through invisible. path is straightforward and the zone is past the treants. the ??? is ahead, then you find rock slab behind a nearby cave.
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          Re: How To Unlock Blue Mage & Puppetmaster, Elaborated.

          Ayrlie, it's been confirmed that Lamia Fang Key can be obtained from a ??? located within Caedarva Mire. From Vana'diel Atlas, and I tested and confirmed it for myself:

          I will add the Apkallas to my Aspirable/Energy Stealable mob list, good find. :D

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            Re: How To Unlock Blue Mage & Puppetmaster, Elaborated.

            What an amazingly useful thread, thank you so much for going to all that trouble - and for the fun addition of your first BLU spell

            It's so nice to see others getting excited too!

            Rate up and all that jazz.

            However, I think from my point of view.... no matter how much I really, really want to try BLU, I've promised myself that I'm getting my BLM to 75 first. After almost 2 years of playing, I feel embarrassed that I've only achieved 55 (granted, I've levelled some other jobs & started on 2 crafts, but still, ouch).

            And space, could definitely do with more space before adding yet another job's junk onto my stash. That mog locker thing sounds very interesting! I will have to search for more info on that...
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