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All The AF Armour Stats

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  • All The AF Armour Stats

    after having done some research on the web, along with the help from other members i have gathered EVERY SINGLE AF armour stat for every job. (since a translator was used, i would really appreciate it if any mistakes could be pointed out). Some info has been slightly altered for presentation purposes.

    heres a link to see ALL the AF armours on most/all races:
    (edit) - site is down, whether it's temporary or not is unknown

    In the meantime, if you are really ancious to see the AF armour, the best solution I can give you right now is to look in the screenshot vault/request forum or search on


    SWORD : damage 22 speed 224 MP+ 10 INT +1 MND+1 Lv41

    BOOTS :DEF 13 MP +11 AGI +3 water resistance +10 Lv52
    shield skill +10

    GLOVES :Def 16 MP +12 DEX +4 DRK resist +10 Lv54
    parry skill +10

    LEGS :DEf 33 MP+13 MND+3 Lv56 Healing Magic+10 Strengthening magical skill +15

    TORSO:Def 44 MP+14 CHR+5 Lv58 cast failure 10% down weakening skill+15

    HEAD :Def 23 MP+20 INT+3 Lv60 Spirit magic (buff spells) +10
    Fast cast effectiveness raised


    2 HANDED STAFF : damage +22 speed+ 366 MP =20 lvl 41

    PANTS : Def+ 25 MP +15 Evasion Skill +10 summons Accuracy +10 summoners Hate -2 Lv 52

    GLOVES : Def+ 11 Mp +15 Vit +4 Damage done by Avatars are occasionally converted into MP. summons Hate - 2 Lv 54

    BOOTS : Def+ 10 Mp +15 Agi+5 summons Evasion Skill +10 Hate -2

    TORSO :Def 35 Mp +15 Mnd +3 Sumons power +20
    mp Consumption -2 summon hate -2 summoner power+20 summoner resistance to status +20

    HEAD: Def 15 MP +20 INT +3 Summoning skill +5 summon hate -3 Lv 60


    AXE: (lv40 1H axe) D32 delay288 STR+2 CHR+2

    GERTLE: (lv52 feet) def10, HP+11, AGI+3, "take care of pet" effect up, tame+2

    GLOVES: (lv54 hands) def12, HP+11, DEX+3, evade+5, tame+3

    HELMET: (lv56 head) def22, HP+15, INT+5, "calm pet" effect up, tame+4

    BEAST JACK: (lv58 body) def44, HP+20, VIT+3, "take care of pet" stat up - poison recovery improves etc, tame+5

    TROUSERS: (lv60 legs) def30, HP+15, CHR+4, "killer" stat up, tame+6


    GRAPPLE :D+4, Delay+48, DEX+2, VIT+2, Hit+3, Lv42

    FEET: Def 12, HP+12, DEX+3, Light Resist+10, Evade Bonus UP, Lv52

    LEGS: Def 29, HP+18, Guard SKill +10, Counter +1, Lv60

    Lost Manitou Armguard of Bolghertz Quest
    (Every class has an AF that requires this quest):
    Temple Glove(Hands)
    Def 14, HP+14, STR+4, Dark Resist+10, Boost UP, Lv54

    Coffer 1: Garlaige Citadel:
    Temple Crown(Head)
    Def 21, HP+16, MND+5, Concentration UP, Lv56

    Coffer 2: Beadeaux:
    Temple Gi "shikurasu"(body)
    Def 41, HP+20, VIT+3, Hit+5, Chakra UP (VITx3), Lv58


    SWORD : D28; Delay240; VIT+2; MND+2
    Gallant Leggings - Defense14; HP+15; CHR+5; Blocking with Shield Skill+10; Strength of Holy Circle Up

    ARMOUR : Defense47; HP+20; VIT+4; Holy Magic Skill+5;
    Hate +2

    GAUNTLET : Defense16; HP+11; DEX+3; light magic resistance +10 Hate +2

    CORONET : Defense24; HP+12; MND+3; Strength of Ability
    Shield Up; Hate +2

    BREECHES : Defense34; HP+15; AGI+3; Strengthening Magic Skill+5; Hate+2


    WEAPON:DMG 15 / DELAY 195 / DEX +2 / AGI+2 / LVL 40

    HELMET: Def23 / Lv54 / HP+13 / INT+5 / Parry+10 / Steal+1

    BOOTS: Def13 / Lv60 / HP+12 / DEX+3 / ice resist+10 /
    Tonzura(splint) duration up / steal+2

    HANDS: Def15 / Lv52 / HP+10 / DEX+3 / ice resist+10 / steal+1

    LEGS: Def32 / Lv56 / HP+15 / AGI+4 / Sheild skill+10 / steal+1

    BODY: Def44 / Lv58 / HP+20 / STR+3 / earth resist+10 / Hide
    duration up


    SPEAR: D61 Delay 492 DEX+1 VIT+1 Lv42

    HELMET: Def+ 16 - HP+12 - MND+5 Wind+10
    Uses Breath effectively. Heal breath is also more effective.

    ARMOUR: Def 38 - HP+15 - VIT+4 - Water resistance+10 Gives your Wyvern insta-regen. (SWEET!!)

    DRAKEN FINGER: Def 15 - HP+11 - DEX+3 - Parry Skill +10 Increases your Wyvern's accuracy.

    GREAVES: Def 10 - HP+12 - AGI+3 - Dodge Skill +5 Increases the damage of Jump.

    PANTS: Def 27 - HP+15 - Earth+10 Increases effectivity of Enchanted Circle (def against dragon monsters) 10% hp bonus to wyvern.


    SCYTHE: D68 Delay 528 STR+2 INT+2

    HEAD: lvl 60, def 23, hp+12, str+4, dark magic skill +5, darkness effect up

    BODY: lvl 58, def46, hp+20, vit+3, atk+5, weakening magic skill +5

    HEADS: lvl54, def12, hp+11, dex+3, dark resistance +10, weapon bash effect up

    BOOTS: lvl 52, def10, hp+15, mnd+5, arcane circle effect up

    LEGS: lvl56, def31, hp+15, int+3, evade+5, parry+10


    2H KATANA: lvl42, d56, delay450, str+1, agi+1

    BOOTS: lvl52, def13, hp+20, fire resistance +10, evade +5, hate +5

    HEAD: lvl60, def20, hp+10, mnd+5, protection circle effect up, silent concentration effect up

    HANDS: lvl56, def15, hp+15, dex+4, hate +2, eating rice balls is more effective

    LEGGINS: lvl53, def30, hp+15, str+3, earth resistance+10, parry +5

    BODY: lvl58, def41, hp+10, vit+3, dark resistance +15,sometimes tp growth increases when suffering damage


    1H KATANA: lvl 40, d 21, delay 216, str -1, dex +2

    1H KATANA: lvl 40, d 23, delay 238, str +2, dex -1

    HEAD: lvl 56, def 21, hp +10, chr +5, ice resistance +10, ninjutsu +5

    BODY: lvl 58, def 41, hp +15, vit +3, 'Two swords style effective rise. occasionally add blazespike attribute.

    HANDS: lvl 60, def 14, hp +13, dex +3, range atk +5, thowing weapon skill +5

    LEGGINS: lvl 52, def 29, hp +15, range hit +10, night: evade +10

    BOOTS: lvl 54, def 12, hp +12, agi +4, night: movement speed +25%


    WAND: D27 every other 324 MP+10 MND+2 Lv41 - white magic increase

    CAP/HOOD: def+ 21 MP+13 MND+4 resistance darkness +15 Lv54 - hate-1

    ROBE: def+ 40 MP+15 wind resisting +10 Lv58 - weakening magic skill +10 hate-4

    MITTENS: def + 14 MP+10 STR+5 Lv60 - white recovery magical skill +15 hate-4

    FEET: def+12 MP+10 AGI+3 Lv52 - cast failure 20% down

    TROUSERS: def+28 MP+15 VIT+3 Lv56 - white holy magical skill +15 hate-1


    WAND :D12 every other 216 MP+20 Lv41 - black magic increase

    HAT: def+ 20 MP+25 INT+4 resistance thunder +10 Lv60 - black hate-4

    COAT: def+ 38 MP+16 VIT+5 Lv58 - weakening magic skill+10 hate-3

    GLOVES: def+ 13 MP+12 CHR+3 Lv54 - darkness magic skill+15 hate-1

    FEET: def+ 11 MP+10 AGI+3 Lv52 - cast failure 20% down hate -1

    LEG: def+ 27 MP+14 HP +5 Lv56 - black dark magical skill +15 hate -1


    KNIFE: EX D 15 every other 195 AGI+2 CHR+2 Lv40 - sing effective rise

    HAT : def+ 15 HP+11 MND+3 Lv54 - parry skill +5

    ARMOUR: def+38 HP+13 VIT+3 Lv58 - string instrument skill rise +3 hate -1

    GLOVES: def+15 HP+14 CHR+4 Lv60 - sing song skills +5 hate -1

    SHOES : def+10 HP+10 AGI+3 wind resisting +10 HP+5 Lv52 - sing

    PANTS : def+ 27 HP+12 STR+5 Lv56 - sing wind instrument skills +3 hate-1


    BOW :D 27 every other 360 AGI+4 Lv41 - bow skill increase

    HEAD: def+ 21 HP+13 INT+3 ranged weapon attack +5 Lv54 - rapid shot ratio up

    TORSO: def+41 HP+20 VIT+3 ranged weapon accuracy +10 Lv58 -hunting camouflage effective rise

    HUNTER BLURRING: def+10 HP+10 DEX+3 resistance darkness +10 Lv52 - hunting shadow sewing effective rise

    SOCKS: def+ 12 HP+10 AGI+4 HP+5 Lv60 - scavenger effectiveness rise

    PANTS : def+ 27 HP+15 MND+5 Lv56 - sharpshooting ability up


    1H AXE - D31 every other 276 STR+2 DEX+2 Lv40

    HEAD: def+ 24 HP+15 DEX+3 INT+1 Lv56 - hate+1

    ARMOUR- def+ 47 HP+20 VIT+5 fire-resistance +10 Lv60 - game hate +8

    MUFFLER: def+16 HP+13 STR+4 Lv54 - game shield skill +10 hate +3

    FEET: def+14 HP+12 AGI+3 Lv52 - game double attack effective hate +1

    PANTS: def+ 34 HP+15 accuracy+3 AGI +3 Lv58 - game hate+2


    Tazirai -stats for summoner AF and Red mage AF
    Kagetsu- stats for Beastmaster AF, Monk AF, Paladin AF, Thief AF, Dragoon AF
    Exile2k2- stats for scythe
    Zsedc- Stats for the rest of Dark Knight AF, Samurai AF
    Atma- for making the artifact armour website (link at the top of faq)
    Maxim- for major corrections and dragoon spear stats (see his posts for exact details)
    Russta- for samurais 'rice ball' correction

    Last but not least me, RPGdemon, for organising this topic, putting the info together and finding the AF stats for: White Mage, Black Mage, Bard, Warrior and Ranger

    A big thank you for eveyone who contributed, hope you find this mini FAQ helpful everyone

    ***Feel free to use this info on your site or where ever you want since this is to help people afterall, however please give credit to me and the people who contributed since its the right and respectable thing to do. im sure youll agree as well***

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    making it stickly these informations will be useful.
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      ok, to make this better why not show all the quests for getting all the jobs Differents AF armor pieces. What is the point in knowing all the stats if you dont even know how to get the AF?


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        vagtark, i know what you mean, however it takes too much effort and i couldnt do it even if i tried.

        this is because i dont know a word of japanese, and basically i would have to go to a japanese site to find the info. finding the stats is one thing since it doesnt really require any knowledge of the language since the translator does the rest (even then i had to figure some bits out). however, finding the quests needs someone to know japanese in order to give a decent and accurate translation considering its sentenced-structured-text.

        unfortunately i cannot do that. however if you know the quests feel free to contribute here, but the main emphasis of this topic wasnt to say what the quests to get the armour were,its rather to inform people of the stats to make them think if its worth it in the long run, since there is better equipment. however it depends on many reasons; curiosity being one


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          Ooo... interesting post. Here's a few things that are missing or need to be changed. I'll add more from time to time.

          - SMN Head: Def 15 MP +20 INT +3 Summoning skill +5 Avatar's Hate -3 (By avatar I mean summon. Call it what you will. I call it avatar instead of summon because that's what the English POL website calls it. *Shrugs*) Lv 60

          - The SMN's Torso's -2 "Consumption" thing is really Avatar's Hate - 2. Also, the "Summon's Power +20" thing is really Avatar's Resistance to Status Effects +20.

          - The SMN's Gloves' is actually this:

          GLOVES : Def 11 Mp +15 Vit +4 Damage done by Avatars are occasionally converted into MP. Avatar's Hate - 2 Lv 54

          - SMN's Pants is actually this:

          PANTS : Def 25 MP +15 Evasion Skill +10 Avatar's Accuracy +10 Hate -2 (According to the website, this is the summoner's hate, not the avatar's.) Lv 52

          - SMN's Boots is actually this:

          BOOTS : Def 10 Mp +15 Agi+5 Avatar's Evasion Skill +10 Hate -2

          All information taken from this happy website:

          Edit #1

          - DRG's Helm: The translation of the Breath attack is really "Uses Breath Attack Effectively." I guess what it means is when you're fighting monsters weak against ice it will use the opposing breath and vice versa.

          - "Hostility Heart" is basically just "Hate." You might want to change that (just nitpicky stuff.)

          - RNG's Head: "Flying Attacks" would make a little more sense if it was "Ranged weapon's attack." And as for "hunting rapid shot motion ratio rise" I think "Rapid Shot Ratio Up" should do it.

          - BRD's AF head: The "sing parry skills +5" is really just "Parry Skill +5."

          Edit #2

          Some of these are just nitpicky stuff that doesn't necessarily have to be changed:

          - BLM's Coat's "black weak body magical skills +10" should be "Weakening Magic Skill +10."

          - DRG's Armor: "Water +10" should be "Water resistance +10."

          - RNG's Armor: "Flying Lives" is better translated as "Ranged Weapon's Accuracy."

          - WHM's Robe: The "white weak body magical skill +10" could easily be translated as "Weakening Magic Skill +10."

          - SAM's Armor: Add the word "Sometimes" in "TP growth increase when suffering damage."

          - NIN's Armor: Take the word "occasionally" out of "'Two swords style effective rise occasionally." Also, add "Occasionally adds Blazespike attribute."

          - RDM's Armor: The "Weaking Def 10% ( lowers your risk of being weakend) " is actually "Cast Failure 10% Down." What it means is that the chances of you failing to cast a spell when you get hit goes down. Also, the "Weak body magical skill" is really "Weakening Skill."

          Edit #3

          - To avoid confusion, the PLD's gloves' "White Magic
          Resistence +10" is better translated as "Light Magic Resistence +10."

          - DRG's Pants: "10% HP Bonus to Wyvern" is missing.

          - BLM's Pants: The "black spirit magical skills +15" thing is better translated as "Darkness Magic Skill +15."

          - Ranger's Pants: The "hunting/it shoots effective rise" is better translated as "Sharp Shooting Ability Up."

          - Warrior's Pants: The "on-target hits +3" is better translated as "Accuracy +3."

          Edit #4

          - BLM's Boots: The "black permanent residence discontinuance ratio 20% down" is actually "Cast Failure 20% Down."

          - WHM's Boots: The "white permanent residence discontinuance ratio 20% down" is actually "Cast Failure 20% Down."

          - RNG's Boots: The "hunting effective rise" thing should be "Scavenger Effectiveness Up."
          WAR20 MNK12 WHM28 BLM31 RDM60 THF21 PLD14 DRK20 BST6 BRD42 RNG16 SAM11 NIN40 DRG10 SMN10


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            - The Dragoon Wyvern breath thingy is to do with heal breath - it will do it when the target is at half hp now as opposed to a third.

            - The thing on Samurai AF gloves about rice balls means you will get better stats from eating them, I think its Def+10 as well as what it normally does but you would need a SAM to confirm this.
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              thank you russta and especially maxim. i will edit my post, adding the new info you gave me, and ill make sure i give you credit.

              thanks again....damn babelfish translator

              (edit) also maxim if you can find any more corrections/mistakes please post them here and ill correct them as soon as possbile.


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                Hehe, thats my pic of a Hume Female in MNK AF. I'm famous.


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                  Well may as well add this here.

                  Racial Specific Equiptment Stats:

                  Originally posted by Maxim

                  Copy/pasted kind of fast. Might be some errors, but I think it's right. I hope.

                  BODY: Level 33

                  Humes: DEF18 HP+32 VIT+3 INT-1 CHR+1

                  Elvaans: DEF18 HP+24 MP+4 DEX+1 INT+1

                  Tarutarus: DEF18 HP+36 STR+1 VIT+2 MND+1

                  Mithras: DEF18 HP+32 STR+1 CHR+1

                  Galkas: DEF18 MP+32 INT+1 CHR+1

                  HANDS: Level 27

                  Humes: DEF6 HP+12 MP+4 STR+3 DEX+3 VIT-1 AGI-1

                  Elvaans: DEF6 MP+24 DEX+2 INT+1

                  Tarutarus: DEF6 HP+12 STR+3

                  Mithras: DEF6 MP+16 VIT+4 MND+2

                  Galkas: DEF6 MP+32 INT+2

                  PANTS: Level 31

                  Humes: DEF12 MP+32 STR-1 MND+3 CHR+1

                  Elvaans: DEF12 HP+12 MP+12 DEX+2 AGI+2

                  Tarutarus: DEF12 HP+21 STR+1 VIT+2 MND+2

                  Mithras: DEF12 MP+32 VIT+1 MND+1

                  Galkas: DEF12 MP+20 AGI+2 INT+1 CHR+2

                  BOOTS: Level 29

                  Humes: DEF5 HP+4 MP+12 DEX-1 AGI+3 INT+3 MND-1

                  Elvaans: DEF5 MP+20 AGI+3 INT+2

                  Tarutarus: DEF5 HP+20 STR+2

                  Mithras: DEF5 HP+16 STR+3 CHR+2

                  Galkas: DEF5 MP+12 AGI+3 INT+2


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                    thank you for the contribution sirius black. wow, if i get anymore info ill have to make a new topic entitled something like 'AF & RSE armour stats + Pics'

                    i wont make one anytime soon though, maybe when or if i get the quests &/or pics of the RSE armour, ill consider updating my topic. but for now i guess ill edit this one for the time being, only if its to do with AF armour since thats what the topic title emplies.

                    thanks again for the info sirius. im sure it will be helpful. i wish i could change the title of this topic, oh well.


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                      great job

                      good job Rpgdemon and maxim and sirius
                      fortunately maxim I think your kanji is much better than mines , thats where I had most issue translating,
                      and unfortunately I hat eusinf babel fish or worldlingo,
                      I try to read the jpn s much as poss, but anyway thanks for those corrections and I cant believe I forgot the smn AF horn, /slaps head
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                        hey rpg you gotta start working on JSE soon hehe you will be a busy man.
                        if i find any ill let you know.
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                        それは公式である,プロマシア は私を憎む。
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                          Why is there no Dragoon Artifact Weapon listed???


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                            I dont understand these hidden affects? Are they comfirmed by Sqaure? I'm a blm still deciding on either +4int/+4mnd wand and my AF weapon, which is better?


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                              Originally posted by Roboyto
                              I dont understand these hidden affects? Are they comfirmed by Sqaure? I'm a blm still deciding on either +4int/+4mnd wand and my AF weapon, which is better?
                              BLM AF1 is a joke. I haven't met anyone who didn't put it straight in the bank after obtaining it.
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