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Getting Advanced Jobs/ ^_^

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  • Getting Advanced Jobs/ ^_^

    I had trouble earlier today, and was a bit flustered on the lack of information on how to actually GET the advanced jobs. So~ After much and much searching I eventually found the place where the info was and figured that I couldn't be the only person who didn't know where they had gone too. Here is a link to said happy place.

    Just a warning that some quests have been changed slightly so refer the the individual jobs sections for clarification if you find yourself in a bind. <(^_^)> V Ganbare~!!~
    Here is an updated link for the Advanced Job quests:
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    booo! every job i wanna be to start with are jobs u have to earn, wanted to be a paladin, then dragoon, then ninja! this stinks!


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      say which jobs you want i'll try to help you get them if i got any info and/or tips..

      ; )


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        No info about Samurai on that page...

        ...I don't see Samurai info or a guide there. I wonder why.


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          yeah... wheres the samurai
          thats the job i want most


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            if its not there, then it must be a job u can take from the start.
            like this isnt funny every job i wanna be is an advanced job. i dunno why, but i dont wanna be warrior or monk to have as a main job. i sorta consider them as the sub jobs


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              Samurai is Advenced too.
              I only want to know what about summoners. They not a starting job but there no site that would consider them as advenced. So what they are :confused:
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       this tells you how to get it.

                EDIT: Tried fixing it, meh.

                EDIT(2): screw it...


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                  By making many of the jobs that people desire advanced jobs, Square is almost doing you a favor. Think about it, you level your potential sub to 30+, then complete the job quest. Now, when you are using your new advanced job, you won't be required to go back and level your subjob, which in my opinion is somewhat annoying, because when I'm leveling my sub, what I really want to be doing is leveling my main, or doing some mission. This is just personal opinion of course...

                  EDIT: Just wanted to point out that the above link is wrong, just remove the comma at the end after entering it into your address bar.
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                    Now if there was a link to a spot where the Summoner Quest is explained in great detail....

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                      Originally posted by Gokulos
                      Samurai is Advenced too.
                      I only want to know what about summoners. They not a starting job but there no site that would consider them as advenced. So what they are :confused:
                      My friend became a summoner. And YES, it is an advanced job as well. It would help if your primary job was some type of magic caster, because a summoner's mp is constantly drained while the summoned monster is on the field. Having a sub WHM or BLM helps a lot as your MP totals are boosted a bit at lower levels and increase dramatically as you rise in levels with your SMN job.

                      I forgot what the quest entailed, but according to my friend, it was a very difficult road. It would help if you are already a high level WHM, but if you're something else, you'll have to seek a friendly WHM to help you. You will need sneak and deoderize unless you are a very high level PC that you can go and take on the super difficult monsters in an area where you are suppose to go to fulfill your quest.

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                        I read all of them... Ranger is easy ^_^;;

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                          1. Talk to either of the staff in Warehouse A (I-10) in Port San d'Oria. Then talk to Novalmauge in the Bostaunieux Prison (walking between F-8 and G-8) in the basement of Chateaux Doraguille. After the cutscene, talk to Morjean in the cathedral (L-7) to start the quest.

                          2. Go to Shakrami Mines and find Excavation Points near bones. Use a pickaxe - つるはし - on the spot to retrieve a dragon's egg - 飛竜の卵. Return to Morjean in the Cathedral and tell him about the egg.

                          3. Next, go to Meriphataud Mountains and find the ??? point on the south face at the far east of Doragora's Spine (K-8). Trade the egg to this spot. After the event, return to San d'Oria and talk to Rahal in Chateaux Doraguille (H-9).

                          4. Go to Ghelsba Outpost, and find the Hide Door at F-10. A fight will ensue with a Dragon. A full party around level 40 should be able to beat it, but higher levels will help. When the fight is over, you can choose the name of your Wyvern from a list and the Dragoon job is also usable.


                          1. Talk to Kaede in a house in Port Bastok (J-5). Then talk to Kagetora in Warehouse 1 (F-6). After that, talk to Ensetsu in the same house as Kaede (I-5) to start the quest.

                          2. Go to Korroloka Tunnel (you enter from Zeruhn Mines), and find the ??? point in a deep area (L-8). Examine the point and Korroloka Leech will spawn. Kill them and re-examine the ??? point to receive Strange Coral - 奇棒な珊瑚.

                          3. Return to Ensetsu and he tells you to take the coral to Ryoma in Norg. To get to Norg you can take the Airship to Kazham from Jeuno, go through Yuhtunga Jungle to the south-west exit, then through Sea Serpent's Grotto (follow the right wall and open a hidden door which has no target name).

                          4. Give the coral to Ryoma in Norg (H-8) and she will give you the "Sword which cannot be drawn" - 抜けない抜?. Take this to Ensetsu and you will be given access to the Ninja job.


                          1. Talk to Jaucribaix in Norg (outside Gilgamesh's room on 2F). He wants a branch from a tree in a sacred place - ?ケ地の木の枝 - and iron filings from a bomb - ボムの卸し鉄. Talk to Ranemaud to receive a sacred tree sapling - ?_木の苗木 - then talk to Aeka to receive old iron from the east - 東方の古鉄. The next two parts can be done in any order.

                          2. Trade the old iron to the ??? point at the far west of Konschtat Highlands (D-8). A bomb enemy, Forger, will appear. Kill it and you will receive the iron filings. Even if you fight this bomb with a party, it will only drop item, and you can only trade iron to the ??? every 3 minutes.

                          3. Use an axe - まさかり - at the ??? point on the huge tree at the west side of The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. Walking Tree enemy, Guardian Treant, will appear. Kill it and examine ??? again to receive the branch.

                          4. Return to Jaucribaix with these items. After you give him them, he will tell you to come back in three days - that's 3 real hours. Come back and you will receive Samurai job and an Unsigned Sword - 無銘?.


                          1. First obtain Carbuncle's Ruby - カ?[バンクルの?g玉. These are dropped by leeches. It is possible that they are dropped by leeches in every area, but the most successful encounters have been with those in Qufim and Shakrami. It is, however, a rare drop, so patience is necessary.

                          2. Take the ruby to Heroes' House in Windurst Walls (G-4) and open the door for the quest to begin.

                          3. You must get the ruby to glow in the seven different colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. To do this, the ruby must be subjected to seven different types of weather around Vana'Diel.
                          Red - scorching heat - Valkurm, Rolanberry, Meriphataud, Oztroya etc.
                          Orange - clear skies - most places
                          Yellow - sand storms - Valkurm, Tahrongi, Konschtat etc.
                          Green - wind - Tahrongi, Mhaura, La Theine etc.
                          Blue - ice - Xarcabard, Beaucedine etc.
                          Indigo - rain - La Theine, Pashhow, Rolanberry etc.
                          Violet - thunder - Konschtat, Jugner etc.
                          These weather effects must be present at the time you enter that zone, so if it happens while you are in a zone, exit and return quickly to see the cutscene and confirm you have got that colour.

                          4. After getting all the colours, take the stone to the stone circle in La Theine (G-6) and trade it to the ??? point in the centre. You will then receive Summoner job and the Carbuncle summon.


                          Taken from the excellent FFXI Resource site (who the hell runs this anyway, I wanna thank him if anyone knows). I haven't added any "personal touches" but i've done them all so if you have any questions just ask and i'll reply.
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                            The Summoners quest walkthorugh is wonderful. ^^ I talked to alot of ppl`s and they all told me this is a very hard quest to do. Thanks again from a future Summoner. *bows*
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                              now do you HAVE to be lvl 30? (like can u not get the quest unless you are?) or is it recommended? cause i think thats dumb how you have to be level 30, unless its easy to get lvl 30, which i doubt.