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Increase of up and coming RMT?

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    Re: Increase of up and coming RMT?

    While I have been leveling my nin for my war every place I go to level there are parties full of Tarus and other races in the level one RSE. It is very annoying and one day at the dunes a party of no sub job levels 24-25 came to our area of our camp and started stealing our mobs. Im sick of it, on ragnarok its just getting worse and Im going crazy. And what are RMT... are they gil sellers or what? lol...
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      Re: Increase of up and coming RMT?

      RMT stands for real money traders. These guys are a forum of gil sellers if not the worest one
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        Re: Increase of up and coming RMT?

        Just noticed the same phenomenon in Seraph.

        Level 20-26, leveling in Valkurm Dunes and Qufim. None in Kazham yet.
        All from Bastok, all Rank 1, all with no subjobs. The Tank and DD in Valkurm were wearing level 10 armor with no jewelry, while the mages were in RSE.

        I also saw, 2 months ago, a lv 40 party in Crawler's nest consisting of THF, THF, THF, NIN, BLM, and WHM, with one level 75 BLM PL. The BLM and WHM in the party were not doing anything. The NIN left the tanking to the PL, and only 1 THF moved to find mobs, the other two will move one by one behind the mob when it got to camp. All 3 THF did not unlock to save their SA when the mob turned the wrong way. I suspect that all 7 were being controlled by 1 person.

        I was curious, so I noted down their names.
        Guess what? Now they are level 72, and leveling in ToAU zone.