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drama lvls down ?

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  • drama lvls down ?

    Just wanted to know if the drama lvl has gone down on this server before i return.About 3 months ago drama was in all my LS's bar 1 which consisted of only me lol.Anyone browsing from my old ls's gimme a shout and let me know if drama is gone or not :D

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    Re: drama lvls down ?


    There was big drama this past week when the leader of the endgame LS "The Zoo" server hopped, taking the LS bank and cache of pop items with him. Not only that, but he also went into the LS's web site and deleted all point records of all the LS members.

    The somewhat happy ending to this story is that his new name and server have been identified, and he was turned away from one end game LS on his new server because he was trying to lie about his identity.

    I don't know if you can actually measure drama levels. But I am quite sure that there will always be drama in some form or another. You can't have a MMORPG without people after all. And where there are people, there will be drama.
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      Re: drama lvls down ?

      If you're talking about an HNMls, always assume there will be drama. =p

      If it's a social linkshell, well I don't think there's drama involved.
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        Re: drama lvls down ?

        Originally posted by Mog View Post
        If it's a social linkshell, well I don't think there's nearly as much drama involved.
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