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  • IBHalliwell
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory


    Looking forward to helping anyone and everyone. If I'm on and free, I'll come.

    - 75 RDM
    - 75 SMN
    - 56 BLM
    - 38 WHM
    - 19 THF
    - 11 SAM
    - 8 PLD
    - 7WAR
    - Alchemy 60 (Passed Craftsman test)
    - Fishing 7
    - Basic: Bastok - Rank 10.
    - Zilart: ZM 14 (Sky!) Would love to finish all of the Zilart missions, anyone else?
    - CoP: 4-2
    - Treasures: Private 2nd class - on mission 3
    - Dynamis LS: Crusades
    - City: BastoksFinest
    - Social: Spirits Of The Phoenix & GondorKnights
    - Job: WarlockEnclaveHL -

    Home Page:]IBHalliwell
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  • infinity
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    lvl 10
    xyphos sword and longbow
    red sun rising linkshell
    location : bastok

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  • heero79
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    lvl 22pld is main at mo name Trocen or some thing like that i auto named so it hard to rembver at times

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  • Nemesismo
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    Hello fellow players of Caitsith

    Been playing for a few months


    30 - WAR
    30 - SAM
    30 - MNK

    LS - SpiritsofThePhoenix

    From Sweden so ill be on UTC 17:00 - 21:00 on the weekdays

    Send a /tell whenever you feel like meeting or anything ^^

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  • Haldyr
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory


    Anyway... lol...

    Elvaan Ranger
    San d'Oria

    Anyone is more than welcome to send me a /tell. I also run a linkshell with my gf called TheTwilightPheonix. The mispelling is on purpose because anything with Phoenix was taken already. Anyone is welcome to join as well.

    Double Post Edited:
    Originally posted by FinalPhantasy13
    Monk 50/War 25
    LS: HandodDeviance

    Trying to break 50 cap, let me know if you can help ^^
    Isn't it HandOfDeviance? heh... I know a girl in your ls too... Moghedian!
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  • Fliegar
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    Level 1 (Will start as a warrior)

    New to the game, just got it installed, posting from school at the moment x.x.
    If anyone feels like helping when I get on, feel free O.O

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  • Lanih
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    I finally settled down xD;

    Shisui [Hume F]
    San d'Oria
    Lv13 WHM, lv15 WAR
    No LS yet~

    I'm not new to the game anymore [got the game over 1.5 years ago ^^] but I'm new to Caitsith, feel free to /wave if you bump into me :3

    I'm moving into my own apartment on the first week of December, I'm leaving my account open but I don't have my own comp yet so I'll be taking a forced break soon ;_; I'd love to get my WHM as high as possible before that so that I'd be extremely motivated to get that comp xD; Wish me luck ^^

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  • Lythinari
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    you guys should make a FFXIOnline LS.
    Sorry I cant...
    Im too lazy


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  • Maylina
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    hehe im new im Maylina

    lvl 16 War currently =)

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  • Elegost
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    Lvl : 1

    Very New to the game and very confused heh. Currently trying to find somewhere to get money for a new weapon to use against some monsters. Looking for someone to help me out for a lil while you no show me around bastok helop me find some work or whatever. Anyway I'll hopefully see ya on the server. Oh and my e-mail is if u wanna help.

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  • Mirk
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    Bastok Rank 6
    51 pld
    28 war
    14 nin
    20 blm
    17 whm
    30 rdm

    Always looking for a party for paladin or war, but I need to start on my paladin AF 2 and so on. Send me a /tell =) always looking for more people to talk to while i plai =) and I'd be more then willing to help anyone who needs help (not with gil cuz i dont have that, but mob killing i can do lol)

    OOOOohhh I need to start CoP and Zilart missions too sometime soon =o

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  • MrSim321
    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    Character: MrGrim
    Main lvl: 21mnk
    Sub lvl: 7war
    LS: BREAKDANCINGDRAGONS (would like a nother one that is more helpfull).
    Times on: about from 5:00pm to 10/11/12pm CST
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    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory


    I'm on from 6:30P-12A MON-THR and 10P-5A Sat...and any other time I can get on LOL....So Holla.... I am looking to find a LS so if you got one let me know and if anyone needs a pt ...send a tell....IN the near future I will do DRK quest....Currently I am a 25/War-12/Mnk...And I am always ready to do some KILLIN...

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  • Thoronas
    Pld/war 52/33
    Co-Founder of the LS ShinraInc

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  • tonio
    i need help too.. my mnk is slow falling along the wake he fallen and i'm not sure if he can get up...
    on the lighter side of thing i'm almost capped out on exp to 51 so i guessing after quest is done i'll be a 51, but anyway help me out..

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