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First Trip To Jeuno

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  • First Trip To Jeuno

    These pics are not in order, so yeah lol. Also I would like to thank Reho, one of my friends on the Lakshmi server, for taking me to Jeuno for the first time.

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    Re: First Trip To Jeuno

    I remember my first trip to Jeuno... it was packed!!! It was during JP import and hardly anyone spoke english. Me and a guy who started around the same time saw pictures of a city and heard it was the place where all the high levels were. So since we wanted to see what high levels looked like, we set out from Windurst and lets just say... we died ALOT! Thanks to a Taru BLM/WHM who was in the area that kept raising us lol.

    You will remember moments like these ^_^ Welcome to Jeuno!


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      Re: First Trip To Jeuno

      Good times. It's stuff like this that stays with you after you leave the game (or the game shuts down.) You'd be amazed though - even though Jeuno may seem populated to you now, it's nothing compared to how crowded it was before ToAU.

      By the way, I highly recommend you try the trip to Jeuno again, but on your own and without Sneak/Invisible. Why? Because aggro dodging is a very important skill to have, and the trip to Jeuno is the perfect test for that. After all, it's a fairly long run - if you can make it all the way in one piece, then you know your survival skills are in good shape. If you're worried about losing EXP, you could always change to a Level 1 character (and you could blood warp back to Jeuno.)


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        Re: First Trip To Jeuno

        I can't agree with Armando enough. Having high level help cheapens it so much.

        Do the run yourself. You may struggle, but you will learn.


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          Re: First Trip To Jeuno

 first trip to jeuno I almost died. I didn't have my chocobo license and that's why I was going there. I think I was lvl 21 whm.

          Level 53 whm. Up and ready for the level 60 cap.


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            Re: First Trip To Jeuno

            I remember my first trip i was a warrior, got my ass handed to me but my friend who is a 75 PLD helped me out and i was soo happy when i reached it. =D

            Was good to see some of the beautiful enviroments in the game aswell.


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              Re: First Trip To Jeuno

              THE NECRO!

              Oh nos, it BURNS!
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                Re: First Trip To Jeuno

                /em looks at Mhurron and panics!!

                /em hobbles about trying to find help....

                /em spies a bucket of water...

                /em throws the water on Mhurron....

                /em hears Mhurron shouting "I'm melting.......I'm melting.....Ohhhhh... What a world! What a world..."

                /em hides the bucket behind her back.....starts to whistle....and slowly backs out of the room.....

                Necro thread closed in memory of Mhurron
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