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    Just bought the game yesterday off of Steam, I played this a while back but had to stop because I couldn't afford the monthly subscription, however, I saw it for $20 on Steam and bought it. Now that it's downloading the patch, and should be ready for play tonight, I was wondering if anyone in these could answer a few questions of mine.

    1) I read in a forum post about FFXI that this guy came back after a couple years and then quit again because he hit level 18 and couldn't get a group for his sub-class quest or whatever it's called. He complained about the population in the game not being good enough, so I'm wondering what server should I play on, if there are servers

    Huh, thought I had more questions, but I guess not. Thanks in advance, mates!!

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    Re: Newbie questions

    You can come to Cerb if you want. Anyone in my LS can help you get the sub-job items. Or, if you don't come to Cerb and can't find anyone to help wherever you end up, the current levelling spot is Gusgen Mines. You can easily get your group to kill the Ghouls there for the skull to drop (which is the only slightly difficult one to get from the Dunes).
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      Re: Newbie questions

      Wow really? Thanks, man! 4% til the patch is done, hopefully it works


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        Re: Newbie questions

        Someone seriously complained about getting subjob items? It's laughably easy to do these days if you can find anyone at all to help you. If you're trying to solo those items... yeah, hard. But there's no reason or excuse to solo them when you can just ask for a helping hand for an hour or two - and it generally doesn't take more than that to get all 3 items. The crab apron is common as dirt, as is the damselfly worm. The magicked skull is "mildly" hard, but you can literally just sit at the zoneline in Gusgen while someone high level cleans up on Ghouls with their method of choice and get it that way. Zero sweat.



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          Re: Newbie questions

          Skulls are even easier to get these days with GoV Gusgen alliances.