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    I'm no expert on this but i wanted to share these files i made for myself along with LS mates who have bad trouble with Avatar laagaga like i do.

    All i had was a single post i made (link) and Mooshywooshy's avatar guide. for help.

    Anyways made different 2 versions and remember back up ur files first:
    Fenrir Avatar isn't included because I can't figure out how to take it's glow off, any help would be appreciated.

    1) HQ Quality Player Summoning Avatars Download Link:
    HQPlayerAvatars.rar -
    -Modded from the FFXIdat community, their original links to the modded avatar is provided in the Original.txt file

    2) Player Summoning Avatars Original Design Downlink:
    OriginalPlayerAvatars.rar -
    -This one's basically the original Square Enix avatar design with no glow of course.

    3) Mob Summoning Avatars Original Design Downlink:
    MobAvatars.rar -
    -This is the same thing as with the players but with Mobs this time, perfect for Dynamis lag; uses Square Enix's Original Avatar design.
    If you wish to use the HQ version would need to download the HQ Player version and rename the files appropriately.

    4) Dark Ixion Original Design Download Link:
    DarkIxionUnglow.rar -
    -Dark Ixion with no Glow and transparent Horn, simple.

    If there any problems contact me asap.
    All files include a read me.txt for further information, enjoy a bit less lag!

    check out my Hume Female Post as well for HF users: here
    「楽しい時を皆過しなさい!」 -Have Fun Everyone!♪

    FFXIAH//Sig Wallpaper//Turn it Up