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  • Scorpion Harness

    Here's my rendition of the Scorpion Harness that I always wanted to make. I don't do ports, so if someone wants to port it, go ahead. Just make sure to give me credit for the Harness and yourself credit for porting it.

    Shep's Scorpion Harness(EM)

    I hate using rapidshare, but filefront isn't working right now. Once it works again, i'll put it up on filefront. I hope this will get more comments here than over at (read:if its not some anime port, it =
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    Re: Scorpion Harness

    Very interresting.... I like it!


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      Re: Scorpion Harness

      I've copy the file as attachment on your post. I have upped the .zip file and image file sizes to a resonable size. You can attach zip files using the "Attachment Manager" at the bottom of New Thread page. Basically all the zip file will get listed to the right of the post.