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Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

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    Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

    41-47 : Mythril Rings = mythril ingot x2 + fire crystal
    if u make ur own ingots from the the buying coins inviduals then u won't lose gil , but if buy the ingots from AH u'll lose around 4k per synth
    not a lose at all.... though Mythril ores are annoying (so rare 1500-2000Gil).
    Mythril ingots been 100K last time i checked, and Mythril rings each 18-20K
    do the math, you are making profit of about 20K ( if you didn't break any =P )

    currently Goldsmithing41.7 ^^ made my way from 0-41 using's recipe list, and thanks for the guide. ^^

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      Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

      Originally posted by Hamlet
      Thanks for this guide. I especially like the Moblumin Sheet idea, as anything I can farm and offset losses is greatly appreciated. One question, the guide says do these from 67-69. Is there anyway I can start them earlier and do them instead of the petas? I remember trying the petas and they were annoying.

      Also, the next recipe I can't do because I think I have 20 smithing and no alchemy. Is there another reason to lvl alchemy besides just wanting to do this single recipe? (i.e. could I possibly make money with 45 alchemy? Otherwise, I'll have to do something else I guess)
      sorry i just noticed the questions

      u can start making them from 64 which is 5 lvls under reciepe cap , so you can get skill up even if break but i really doubt u'll be ok with this because it would take forever to skill up with that unless u're ok with long waiting

      about the reciepe after it , you have no option but to do it , lvl ur smithing and alchemy i'm sure they are no loss to get to that lvl , if you don't do it you'll have to do reciepes that require gold ingot per synth and u'll npc the result for 1-5k which means u'll lose a gold ingot per synth

      Double Post Edited:
      Originally posted by Hamlet
      Ok, I'm giving up on this idea, and on goldsmithing, again, for awhile. I ended up with one ingot after killing maybe 15 of these guys (ashman and the two freelancers). It just isn't worth it. I subbed thf for th1. I'm thinking the only way you got this to work was to be a thief with th2 or 3.

      only one ashman and two freelance , yes . its boring ._. but i dunno , gold is really fun at the higher lvls , don't quit easily

      Double Post Edited:
      Originally posted by Jei
      you mentioned 30M post 60. How high should that be able to take you to? based on your server?
      73 to 80 is the hardest part in goldsmith , needs around 30 stack of gold ingots assuming u get 1/3 ~ 1/4 skill up
      if u pass this then its easy after that , just a matter of time

      Double Post Edited:
      Originally posted by seq
      not a lose at all.... though Mythril ores are annoying (so rare 1500-2000Gil).
      Mythril ingots been 100K last time i checked, and Mythril rings each 18-20K
      do the math, you are making profit of about 20K ( if you didn't break any =P )

      currently Goldsmithing41.7 ^^ made my way from 0-41 using's recipe list, and thanks for the guide. ^^
      @.@ yea its different from server to server , mythril ores here are always 1.5k kinda in Alzhabi area so its profit this way

      and just got gold 99.6 ._. at last gonna end , i made element rings from 94 to 99 because i was desperate about koeing pieces , each 400k loss per synth thanks to JPs who keep undercutting .
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        Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

        Depending on your level you can run around Yughott Grotto farming ore, and killing orcs for fire crystals, which can be almost a cost free start. It can even be profitable if you find rare ores.


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          Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

          Kiraa's guide is okay but that's for Ragnarok server. Nice guide ^^ The gold ingots are insane here. You lose so much money buying coins and ores to get ingots because they're so overpriced. Reason why Gold Ingot sells for so low is that people have found alternative ways to extract gold ingots and such an influx in farming for materials to get it have caused issues with other people trying to get coffer keys and what have you.


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            Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

            Yea its hard to make a guide for all servers unless all materials are npc buyable ;-; so i just tried to make it based on my server and who find it handy for him then he'd do it , i'm still not 100 ._.
            99.6 and not getting skill up at all lol but at least , lv74 rings here are 300-600k profit so i'm not losing anything while skilling

            and yes gold ingots here used to be profit but now its just same price as making , reason is every GS group has a gold lv52 and farm gold orc masks 24/7 for desynth , not to mention moblins desynth so yea :x think it happened on all servers not just here


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              Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

              only one ashman and two freelance , yes . its boring ._. but i dunno , gold is really fun at the higher lvls , don't quit easily
              I actually tried a couple more times, and the droprate wasn't nearly as bad (still not good, but considering the alternative, I'll take it). I haven't had much luck actually skilling up yet with the ingots (got .1 with 7 I think, getting me to 67- btw I was higher than I thought).

              Fights go quicker with some melee gear, and it's also one of the main reasons I'm trying to get joyeuse and the quested WS.

              It'll take awhile, as I'm currently lvling war, and then lvling nin, for soloing other stuff, and I want to get joyeuse and the WS before going back, but all in all it's a great idea and I appreciate it greatly as before this I was totally stumped on how to get to 70.


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                Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

                This is the first guide I have ever come across that takes GS all the way to 100. I am going to rep u up! ^^

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                  Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

                  I'll add on, something to think about.

                  M. ingots @ lvl 69 are difficult to farm and sometimes hard to find. Making the lanterns are profitable as well, but slow to sell. If time is of a factor, which these route will take months to accomplish literally, I would suggest Platinum Earring lvl 68.

                  Now, for the real treat, a "Gold Hell" alternative......

                  Should you not have lvled up alchemy as a sub past 45-50, you have the opportunity to "breaksynth" your way to lvl 78, significantly saving a lot of gil. Lvl 70-80 gold requires approx. 30 stacks of gold, give or take, but breaksynthing can cut this down to about 20 stacks. You will be making the Gold Equipment.

                  Breaksynthing is the act of having your main craft 5 lvls or closer to item cap, and your subcraft 5-15 lvls away from item cap. The larger the out of cap you are with your subcraft lvl, the better this will work, but 15 lvls out is the max. Basically you WANT to fail the synth, yet you will continue to skill up. But to do this you will want to have MH enhancement: (crystal) element you use for the synth. The reason this works is because when you fail, the mh enhancement helps preserve materials lost, all while skilling up.


                  Now if "breaksynthing" is not an option, I might recommend ashuras, as they sell regularly and at a decent price. Mule these over and just sell daily until gone. These cap at lvl 75.

                  Now grab support and go for the lvl 80 gold bucklers. However, do not npc these. Grab desynth mh enhancement and desynth these. They do desynth relatively well and you will get a few stacks of gold back.

                  Also at lvl 92-97, you might consider Koenig shield. It's somewhat slow but it's all profit. Also at that point, you have nearly all options to make whatever vs being 100+3, aside from reaching tier 31 on the gold lvl 75 rings. No biggie there though. Take your time, make some profit.

                  Everything else looks similar to the road I took.
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                    Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

                    yes its true , breaksynth works fine from 70 to 80 with underlvld sub ._. too bad koeing shields are 200-300k loss per synth here because many people aim to HQ and so many NQs around . but good thing here is the lv74 rings , they are never a loss , always 300-700k profit but break chance is gay like usual , got 99.9 now on gold but scared to do any of them anymore. broke last two snow and made triton ring which ended up lost from desynth ;;

                    Thanks you Avoklex and /cheer hamlet , hope you pass the gold stage then its all easy


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                      Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

                      Thankyou for taking time out to write this guide.. Soon I will be looking into Goldsmithing myself and I will for sure be using this guide.

                      Take care.
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                        Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices



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                          Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

                          Something i made up at work for all u striving GS'ers that follow stupid synths that want you to spend 400k per synth

                          68-73 Alchemy 30, Smithing16
                          Shrimp Lantern
                          Tin Ingot
                          Moblumin Sheet
                          Moblin Putty

                          73-77 Alchemy 24
                          Gold Gauntlets
                          Gold Ingot
                          Cermet Chunk x2
                          Leather Gloves x2

                          Level 54

                          78-83 Smithing 13
                          Gold Ingot
                          Steel Ingot x2

                          Elemental Beads

                          87-91 Smithing 26
                          Barone Zucchetto
                          Copper Ingot
                          Darksteel Sheet
                          Orichalcum Sheet
                          Gold Ingot

                          88-92 Smithing 26
                          Orichalcum Dagger
                          Darksteel Ingot
                          Orichalcum Ingot

                          92-96 Alchemy 26
                          Cursed Handschuhs
                          Cermet Chunk
                          Darksteel Gauntlets
                          Platinum Ingot x2

                          96-99 Smithing 38
                          Adaman Ingot x2
                          Platinum Ingot
                          Gold Ingot

                          Elemental Ring
                          Orichalcum Ring

                          Thats around 30 skill levels of Break Synths, Eaither this or make the same thing, with WAY more mat's, ya, u might lose some items on a break, but if u also look at the list, the majority of it is cheap(And doesnt sell) high cost items normaly sell fast, low cost items normaly dont sell fast. the sub craft is the level you need to break synth.

                          Break Synth:

                          Main Craft within 5 levels of current Craft attempt.
                          Sub Craft within 15 levels of current Craft attempt.

                          All you'll need is 16 smithing till 87 then just up to 26 till lv96 and 38 beyond that.
                          Get alchemy to 30 and u wont have to worrie about it till u get goldsmithing to 100!!!

                          If you plan on doing this i'd recommend getting 13 Bookshelves for the Moghancement: Fire, Which will give you "Overwhelming Fire Energy" which will lead to less item losses, also if u want to be safe, get Overwhelming for the Elemental Ore > Bead stage, sence if u lose a bead, u lose 200k... same with the rings. but for Earth


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                            Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

                            lol wouldn't you know farming silver beast coins is a pain in the arse 3 more lvls to go till ore great guide

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                              Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

                              Originally posted by Kiraa View Post
                              dunno why i'm doing this :p prolly bored
                              anyway , goldsmith is known as the most expensive guild even thought it's not that expensive exept for few stages
                              i lvled mine to 88 so far and still lvling it and wanted to share how to lvl it with cheapest way depending on ragnarok prices , yes i know there is another thread but i noticed it was almost all mistakes and ppl posting randomly about how what to make etc even thought they didn't lvl a craft and just copied pasted from craft list websites
                              here we go :

                              0-3 : Copper Ingot = copper ore x4 + fire crystal
                              there is npc sell copper ore for 9 gil near bastok airship , so just get crystals and go there synth them till u get lv3 , they sell fast in bastok AH

                              3-9 : Brass Ingot = zinc ore + copper ore x3 + fire crystal
                              buy the copper ore from the same npc , and zinc ore from bastok AH mainly or sandy AH just not jeuno AH , when you are lv3-4 use advance image support to avoid breaking , they sell fast in AH but don't sell , keep few stacks for the next reciepe

                              9-11 : Brass Sheet = Brass Ingot + fire crystal
                              use the ingots u made and just sell them in AH

                              11-15 : Silver Ingot = Silver Beastcoin x4 + fire crystal
                              it caps at lv18 i know but beastcoins synth cost more than silver ore synth so just stop at 15 and start using the next reciepe , notice : use advance image support

                              15-20 : Silver Ingot = Silver Ore x 4 + fire crystal
                              you can even make 15k proft per stack if u were smart , how ? ok the goldsmithing guild sells the silver ore for 330 gil each if no one bought them from guild recently , even if u buy them from AH u still don't lose gil anyway

                              notice : if the beastcoins were cheaper on ur server then just keep doing the beastcoins reciepe till lv18 even thought i doubt coins are cheaper than 300 gil on any server

                              20-27 : Silver Hairpin = Silver Ingot + wind crystal
                              u need advance image support to do it , after u make the hairpin you can sell it in AH OR use lightning crystal to desynth and get ingot back and use it again to make hairpin

                              27-30 : Hiraishin x33 = Copper Ingot + Silver Ingot + Fire crystal
                              sell them in bastok/jeuno AH

                              30-33 : gemmed silver rings = gem + silver ring + earth crystal
                              gemms are usually 10k for a stack , and silver rings from npc at low jeuno gems shop are 1250Gil each so u can either sell them to npc or if u care that much about the 2k u lose then sell them in AH which takes forever , or you can desynthesize them by using lightning crystal + ring and get silver ingots which cost more than the whole ring and sometimes u HQ these rings anyway and make all the gil u lost back

                              33-38 : Myhtril Ingot = mythril beastcoins x4 + fire crystal
                              u don't lose gil at all , even u make 6k per synth if u buy the coins inviduals from jeuno AH for 1k each

                              38-40 : Mythril Ingot = mythril ore x4 + fire crystal
                              this will be slow a bit since there isn't much ore in AH usually

                              40-41 : Mythril Sheet = Mythril Ingot + fire crystal
                              no gil loss

                              41-47 : Mythril Rings = mythril ingot x2 + fire crystal
                              if u make ur own ingots from the the buying coins inviduals then u won't lose gil , but if buy the ingots from AH u'll lose around 4k per synth

                              47-51 : Gold Ingot = Gold Beastcoin x4 + fire crystal
                              no gil loss , almost profit

                              51-53 : Gold Ingot = Gold Ore x4 + fire crystal
                              same no loss

                              53-55 : Gold Rings = Gold Ingot x2 + fire crystal
                              don't do this reciepe if it's big loss , shouldn't be more than 10k loss if you make your own ingots or even no loss or make gold earrings but i doubt they sell as fast as the rings

                              55-59 : Mythril Cuisses = Mythril Sheet x2 + Ram Leather + fire crystal
                              this synth is like 20k loss per craft , if the gold rings was no loss then just do rings till 59 but if gold rings was more than 20k loss then just do this , u can either npc the synth or wait till the GP day when they ask for it and just npc it infront of the npc for 10-15k

                              59-64 : Platinum Ingot = Platinum nugget x6 + Platinum ore + fire crystal
                              no gil loss , it's profit , i skipped platinum beastcoins synth because there is rarely even 1 coin in AH

                              64-67 : Hydro Patas = Bone patas + Animal Glue + Mythril sheet + fire crystal
                              this stage you better have a bonecrafter +69 friend or ask some bonecraft to make a deal with like , he makes bone patas for u for 1k profit each for him and if HQ he keep for himself or so , other than that it's hard to find many in AH , each bone patas cost 5k to make so total synth with mythril sheet and glue cost around 17k , u'll npc the hydro ptas for 2k

                              67-69 : Moblumin Sheet = Moblumin ingot + fire crystal
                              don't bother looking for them in AH , go to oldtol mavolpoles(sp) , camp Goblin Freelance + Moblin Ashman , they drop the ingot , farm them forever AND keep all the sheets don't waste them

                              69-73 : Shrimp Lantern = Moblumin sheet + Moblin Puty + Tin ore + Beeswax + Fire crystal
                              this reciepe requires alchemy sub 45 and smithing sub 31 , when i reached this lvl i had around 40 moblumin sheet which means i made around 40 shrimp lantern , sold each for 150k even though it sells for 300k fast , i made profit ? yes i made around 5 mil , moblin puty is lv35 alchemy synth so u can make it anyway if u had the sub to make the lantern and it cost 15k to make , so u almost make 140k per synth if u sold them for 150k like me or make 290k per synth if u sell for street price , however i think 150k is good enough since i had to camp those mobs who drop ingot and competed with WHMs who needed the item

                              notice : now it's the stage with the highest loss of all goldsmith stages , if you pass this then you are almost there so lets start with next , assuming the moblumin sheets u had were not enough to get u to 73 lets assume it gets u to lv71

                              71-73 : Gold Sabatons = Gold Ingot +Cermet Chunk x3 + Mercury + Ram Leather x2 + fire crystal
                              you will have to npc them unless they ever sell on your server , on ragnarok they don't so i just npc'd them , you will use 3 stacks of gold for each 1 lvl average

                              73-75 : Gold Patas = Gold Ingot + Patas + Mercury + fire crystal
                              you need to get ur self a friend smithing to make Patas for you , it's expensive synth but that's the cheapest around this lvl , you will use 3 stacks of gold per 1 lvl average

                              75-80 : Gold Bucklers = Targe + Gold Ingot + Mercury + Fire crystal
                              you can find the targe at bastok from npc for 11k , npc gold bucklers or sell few in AH if u have space

                              [ Notice : on the stage 70-80 using all gold ingots to npc them after using them there is a nice trick to make the loss less , for normal crafting info when you break a synth and it's 5 lvls under cap or lower u can get skill up but if u break and it's more than 5 lvl under cap then u don't get skill up , so try always doing the synth on Darksday without imagesupport and your moghouse energy should be fire and you'll break alot and get skill up still and not lose gold ingots sometimes , depending on ur luck , total gold ingots you have used to reach lv80 would be 30 stacks minimum ]

                              80-87 : elemental beads = Elemental ore + wind crystal
                              yes now it's like ubber profit on ragnarok , dunno about other servers , it's more like 70-80k profit per synth assuming u lose 10k for AH fees , so even if you break 1 ore from every 5-6 synth you don't lose anything , they sell fast too , but i suggest if you start from lv80 you only do them on light day with advance image support and buy the cheap ores not the higher price one to avoid ubber loss when break

                              87-92 : Muscle belt = Gold Ingot + Manticore Leather + Brass ingot + fire crystal
                              sell to npc , u'll prolly have enough gil to waste on this stage by the time you finish from getting the beads profit

                              92-95 gemmed Platinum rings = lvHQ3 gem + platinum ring + earth crystal
                              try see which one sells fast and cost cheapest to make

                              95-100 Flame/Snow Rings = Fire/Ice bead + Orichalcum Ring + earth crystal
                              this will be the slowest part you'll ever meet in goldsmithing , the rings on ragnarok are like 200-400k profit per synth but any break can make you cry , you can do free service synth for ppl on them to lvl fast also , but remember always have ur advance image support

                              that's all about lvling ,i'm just lv88 so the stuff about after lv90 i just put them as the path i'm gonna choose
                              now remember all this was based on ragnarok prices so don't reply complaining about those stuff cost more on ur server etc , i'm not god to know prices on all servers but this is average anyway

                              about goldsmith guild test items
                              8/10 Copper Hairpin
                              18/20 Brass Hairpin
                              28/30 Silver Hairpin
                              38/40 Chain Gorget
                              48/50 Mythril Ring
                              58/60 Mythril Gorget
                              68/70 Mythril Breastplate
                              78/80 Torque
                              88/90 Colichemarde

                              some personal notes
                              for good skill up with fire crystals do it on darksday facing north , or waterday facing west
                              for wind crystals or earth crystals i prefer light day
                              don't plan to lvl goldsmith seriously after lv60 unless you have 30 mil at least and planning to sactifice some of your gear to sell later to lvl it , it's sad when ppl start with 20 mil and waste them all to lv73 or so then give up

                              sorry my english might not be as good and contain alot of typo's but at least it's understandable since it's not my 1st language
                              If you don't want to take Silver Beast Coins from 11-15

                              You can probley do Brass Scales until 13 and then you ionly have to do teh Silver Beast Coins for 2 lvs until you get to Silver Ore.

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                                Re: Goldsmith 1-100 based on ragnarok prices

                                Excellent post/guide.
                                Very helpful.