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Gold Smithing 101?

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    Originally posted by Rockmaster View Post
    After Months of saving Materials

    I can Confirm that Goldsmithing lvl 70 to lvl 92 cost me at least 50 Million gil

    Also lvl 92-94 cost me 10 stacks of Platinum ingots and about 2 Million in HQ Gems, roughly about 17 million. I desynth most everything, so I got some of the materials back.
    o_o I always here things like in smithing and goldsmithing you use lots of gil to get it real high, but my question is how does it work? As in how do afford it? Is there something you can make to give you enough gil to continue your craft?

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    • Re: Gold Smithing 101?

      I just started doing Goldsmithing. And i'm only level 1. And I did like seven recipes.

      Including the 4 x Copper Ores + 1 Fire Crystal. And my skill is at 1.3.

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        Dumb question, but what is a stack?


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          A stack is 12 items that are all placed in the same inventory slot.
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            yeah even though im from sandy, i still try and head over to bastok to kill the huge numbers of worms for the ores


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              hello ^^w

              just saw that alot of ppl here have trouble getting to 60 goldsmith
              I also had that trouble but i managed to reround that problem with some time spending on mining gold; mythril ores and moblin gear, and steal mythril beastcoins in davoi.
              Dont expect from me for a good skill/profit guide, this is only for the patient ppl
              This is the path i take when i could make Mythril ingots:

              Mythril Beastcoin x 4 + Fire crystal = 1 Mythril ingot

              Mythril Ingot x 2 + Wind crystal = Mythril Earring

              Mythril Earring + lightning crystal = 1 Mythril Ingot ( nq , hq1) / 2 Mythril Ingot (hq2)- this one you will get hardly but still with desynth Mog enhancement it still helps

              Mythril Ingot x 2 + Fire crystal = Mythril Ring

              After this i went for Silver Beastcoins

              Silver Ingot x 3 + Fire Crystal = Silver Bangles ( till lvl cap 49 )

              Now its the tricky part
              After i took GS to 49 I started to farm right away Gold orcmasks
              I didnt care if i had many breaks I was doing it for the few skill ups and to not loose much gil on crafting for skill ups.

              My targets where Orcish trooper for the gold orcmasks, and i still steal mythril beastcoins for my other skill up target recipe.

              OK, after that long desynth and farming I managed to get less than 2000k in gil with the gold ingots from the Gold orcmasks. Bought some 8 stacks of gold beastcoins and managed to skill up to 51.

              Now the real hardcore, its the mining part, if u mine in Oldtown u might be able to get some gold ores and get ur GS to 53, i did that and also tried to steal the NM in west ronfaure Bigmouthbilly ( total waste of time better mining trust me -.- )
              so after some time i got some gold ores and after that ( 2 months ) i got lvl 53 GS.

              And the last part but most important: remember about those Mythril beastcoins that i stole in Davoi?
              I didnt sold them, instead i crafted them to make Mythril ingots and used them to make Mythril sheets.

              You now asking " why so?"

              Well... because i used this recipe to get to 60, and this one includes alot of stacks of Mythril sheets unfortunatelly, but better than waste ur gil in gold ingots ( problably half of the total cost, depending of the server), well here it is the recipe, its a lvl 61 recipe cap:

              Mythril Sheet x2 + Fire Crystal = Mythril Cuisses
              Square Of Ram Leather

              Also dont expect of returning gil from this recipe if u put in the ah, if it sells less than 3,5K just npc it.

              well hope this help u getting to 60
              just dont waste ur gil on power skilling unless u have a veteran to assist u in desynth the results from the ingots, and yes the cheap way is mining but takes alot of patient. and if u have alchemy to 60 u also can make a profit from glass fiber ( desynth from moblin gear also ) mining in Oldtown.