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    so what u just do it, u dont have to "join" the guild to lvl up the skills?
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      Originally posted by SSJChrono
      so what u just do it, u dont have to "join" the guild to lvl up the skills?
      That is correct.

      From my understanding of it, joining the appropriate guild gives you access to the "teachers" that will temporarily buff your skills so you'll be more likely to suceed. Note that teachers don't garauntee success, merely increase the chance of success. Also, you will need to be a member of the guild to test for advancement in the guild, although I havn't seen any comparisons on success/fail ratio based on whether you're of a certain rank with the guild or not. (I'll work on that shortly. )

      But if you want to just start synthesizing, all you need is the right crystal and the ingrediants and poof, you're off. Be warned though that you would be starting from a skill of 0, and would be lucky to gain 0.1 skills points for around every 20 attempts.

      Crystals can be expensive from my understanding, so unless you have a stash of them lying around, it would probably be in your best interest, both time-wise and money-wise, to use the trainers at the guild.

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        Also If you're lvl 0 start sythesizing lower lvl recipies I.E. Yagudo Necklace+ Wind Crystal = 3 spools Grass Thread.

        This gave me +0.1 to 0.3 about 1 out of every 2 times

        Thanks and good luck!


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          Can anyone direct me to cooking recipies in English ?

          Thank you very much.

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            Hello, does anyone know where there is a comprehensive list of cooking recipies in english ?


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              leather craft update

              i haven't seen this in the first post (assuming it's current), but you can add to leathercrafting:

              1 wind crystal + 1 goblin mask = sheep leather.

              Thanks Yyg!


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                Syfoss = Fire crystal + Bronze ingot x2 + Giant's femur

                what level boneworker must I be to succesfully do this?


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                  Bonecraft update

                  Bone earrings:
                  Skill: Bonecraft,Goldsmithing
                  Catalyst: Wind Crystal
                  Ingredients: Brass Ingot, Bone Chip x2

                  Speaking of Bonecrafting,
                  when will I be able to make things that require Scorpion drops?
                  They're my favorite thing to kill, that's why I took it up in the first place.
                  Rude, but not wrong. ;x
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                    I noticed no one said anything about alchemy.. sooo I'll be the one to say something, and these are the ones i remember...


                    Carbon Fiber: 4 Bomb ash + lightening crystal
                    Frog Lure (Goldsmith Required): 1Brass Ingot, Glass Fiber, 1 Copper Frog + Fire Crystal
                    Holy Water: Distill water + Light Crystal
                    Ether: 1 Dried Majoram, 2 Bat Wings, 1 Dryad Root, 1 Distill water + water Crystal

                    lv. 50+
                    Hi-Potion: 2 sage, 1 Malboro Vine, 1 Distill Water + Water crystal
                    Holy mythril sheet: 1 Holy water, 1 mythril sheet + Light crystal
                    Holy Degen: 1 Mythril Dengen , 1 Holy Water + Light Crystal

                    lv.50 is hard... i'm kinda stuck on it since Malboro Vines don't stack...


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                      hm hello maybe i shall say as this is my first post.
                      But i have a huge problem when reading recipies, i dont know japanese so can someone tell me where i can find good sites in english, please
                      i only find sites like this
                      "Roast Corn (??[XgR?[) = Fire Crystal (̃NX^) + Million Corn (~IR?[)
                      Boiled Egg (ŗ) = Fire Crystal (̃NX^) + Lizard Egg (gJQ̗) + Distilled Water" unqoute got that from the first post, and wtf, i dont understand shit.
                      so please say that there is a good sites in english only

                      EDIT::dont mind this post i have found what i looked for


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                        On the bilingual FFXI site referenced to in here... it doesnt list what crystal to use.... just has a Y or ------ Can anyone tell me which to use? Specifically for the Carpenter's guild.

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                          This helps me out ALOT. Thank you. ^.^
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