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  • a /facepalm introduction

    >.> i uhh...totally skipped this fault

    i shall introduce myself here!!! i said facepalm into cuz im like a few weeks late o.o

    anyways. i ask alot of questions. i ahve many random thoughts. i hate stupid people because no matter how many time you prove them wrong and answer their questions their still stupid. idiots fall under the same category

    i tend to apologize alot because: i dont try to offend ppl and beleive its easier to say sorry before u say something wrong so people dont think your intentionally hammering them. which reminds me i 4got to apologize for insulting stupid people and idiots adressed above no offense i jsut dont like it when you dont have any mental issues or dissabilites and simple instruction as "its on ffxiclopedia" and yet you say you cant find any info on your 2hour when all u gotta do is look up your job >.>

    anyways im quite friendly and have a centerist point of view on all things. i find it easy to see the point of both sides of an arguement. however im blunt as in if ur nice ill tell u ur nice if ur an ass ill tell u ur an ass i dont wrap the truth in red and green paper with a bow and hope u like it. frankly im just nutty so hello Dreams in Vanadiel hope to get to know more of you soon. from what ive seen so far the haters are few if any. mostly its not even angry chit chat jsut a random rant followed by an apology wtg maturity