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    I'm brand new to this site and new-ish to the game, I've been playing for about 5-6 months now on the Fairy server and loving the Theif class. Just joined to get some hints and tips and maybe find a few new weirdos to hang out with.

    I also play on the 360 so if you have an account just let me know and we can swap tags.

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    Re: Box Fresh!

    Hello Sodee and welcome to FFXIO. The forum rules are listed here:

    If you ever feel that someone's post has violated the rules, you can report them. There is an icon with a "!" under your name in the bottom left corner that is the "Report Post" button. You can also ignore people that you find offensive using the Ignore. Click on the users name and a box will pop up with some options, the bottom option is to ignore that user. Try to use the Ignore button instead of making an angry post. Flaming, regardless of who started it, is against the rules. Always remember that the forums are a public place, there will be people here that don't agree with your opinions and they'll tell you so. Don't get angry and take it personally.

    Please use the Search feature to see if your question has been answered before making a new thread. That feature is at the top of the page on the right under your "mood" icon or here is a direct link:

    Final Fantasy XI :: Dreams in Vana'diel :: Community - Search Forums

    If you receive an offensive or RMT Private Message please forward the entire message to a Moderator or Admin. It also helps to let us know the day and time you recieved the message. You can tell who is a mod or admin by the title under their user name. Feel free to PM if you have any other issues and we hope you enjoy your time here with us! ^^

    Take time to scan the forum stickies. Many of them have great information. Here are a few to start you out:

    Lots and Lots of links to great info:

    What job is for you:

    How to make gil as you go along:

    Beginner quests:
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