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  • Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone I just joined this game and forum today. I hope to meet up with some people in game. If anyone thinks they can help me out or train with me I would appreciate it cause it's more fun to play with other people than train by yourself. My names david by the way I'm going to join Ashura world so Message me because I wanna hang out with some other players.

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    Re: Hi everyone!

    Welcome! Here's a condensed list of info that will make your adventuring MUCH easier:
    * Never leave town without Signet (just talk to the gate guards.)
    * Make use of Fields of Valor training regimes when soloing for additional EXP and other bonuses (Refresh is extremely valuable to jobs with MP; Reraise is also a good idea for beginners.) You'll find a Field Manual next to the gates of most newbie zones as well as their outposts.
    * When soloing, always go for Easy Prey (EP) monsters. Decent Challenge (DC) mobs aren't worth the extra damage you'll take, unless you have a Weapon Skill saved up to kill it quickly. Also, as soon as you have some money, buy and eat some Meat Jerky - the Attack boost will really help you mow down mobs.
    * Upgrading your weapon is also a quick way to make soloing much easier on you. Use FFXIAH's Power Search to search for weapons by their weapon type, your job, and a level range close to your current level, and sort the results by DPS and descending. The higher the DPS (the higher up on the list) the better the weapon is. Pay no mind to the prices on this site for now (I'll explain later). Use the tip two points down from this one to track them down. Don't forget to keep your armor up to date too.
    * Never toss your Beastmen's Seals (you'll have some soon enough) - although you can't do anything with them right now, they're extremely valuable. Also, sell whatever you find on the Auction House, NPCs will seldom pay a worthwhile price.
    * Low level equipment and spells can usually be bought from NPC vendors at much lower prices than the Auction House - look up the item in FFXIClopedia to see which vendors will sell it, where they are, and at what price. Compare that to the AH.

    Job specific:
    * If starting as a THF, you'll want to use Swords rather than Daggers until at least level 25. Keep a dagger on you for the purposes of keeping your dagger skill up.
    * If starting as a WAR, you'll want to use a Great Axe as soon as you hit Level 5, and spam nothing but Shield Break until at least level 48 (there are a few exceptions, of course.)
    * If starting as a mage, MP can be a major source of downtime - always get Refresh from Field Manuals. It's not worth enfeebling easy mobs, which is what you should be fighting. Rely mainly on your physical strength, preserving MP for Cures (unless you're a BLM.) Use enfeebles mainly if you get in trouble against a Decent Challenge (or worse). Black Mages without a sub job don't have much else to invest their MP into other than nuking, so you can do that. But you'll still need to rely on your physical strength - you'll run out of MP for nuking quickly.
    * Jobs with shields should stick to Size 2 shields (the big, relatively flat, round, wooden type - e.g. Lauan Shield and Maple Shield.) Size 1 shields (generally smaller and dome-shaped, e.g. Clipeus, as well as Bone Shield types) block more frequently but reduce damage by a lot less, and are just worse in the long run. Size 3 (kite shields) are the best but you won't be using these if you're not a Paladin.

    Stuff you'll probably learn the hard way:
    *Mob detection methods and ranges. Early warnings: Undead will aggro you from very far away if your HP is low. Some things aggro by sight (which means you can behind them safely), others by sound (can aggro you if you're anywhere within a certain distance from them, generally a smaller distance than sight aggro.) Bombs aggro to magic in addition to sight (their sight aggro range is shorter than average mobs' though.) Some monsters "track" you by scent and will chase you no matter how far you run unless it starts to rain, cross a river, or zone out. Also, undead and slimes are always aggressive, are horrible to fight and aggro by sound, so don't go near any. Also, just because a mob type (say, bats) don't aggro in starter zones it doesn't mean they're passive in every other zone.

    * - Power Search is great for finding the best equipment. Later on you'll actually use it for its main purpose - looking up items on the Jeuno Auction House (Jeuno's AH is the most used AH in the game.) That's why I said not to pay the prices much attention earlier - your home nation has a separate Auction House.
    * FFXI Atlas - Maps.
    * FFXIClopedia - Practically everything else. When in doubt, check here. If you still can't find info, don't hessitate to ask. Be wary of any guides you find, though, as they may be very outdated. Always check dates! (Actually, the same could be said of many guides and threads here too.)

    Don't worry if you don't get all of that at once. You'll probably still make a few mistakes, everyone does. The sooner you know that stuff the better though.
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      Re: Hi everyone!

      Before some one start flamming...

      Please look at the last post date before posting. Its usually easier/better to post a new topic when you are new as it usually gets more attention.

      Well, welcome to Vanadiel and hope you enjoy your stay. If you ever need anything, just ask for some help on the fourms.


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        Re: Hi everyone!

        Originally posted by Takelli View Post
        Before someone starts flaming...
        ftfy I'm sorry I had to do it.

        Welcome to the forum guys.
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          Re: Hi everyone!

          Originally posted by Durahansolo View Post
          ftfy I'm sorry I had to do it.
          ;>.> My spell checker doesn't catch everything. lol


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            Re: Hi everyone!

            Originally posted by nicoledc109
            Hello all! Names Nicole and I'm from a small town called Rockhampton in Queensland Australia.
            Happy to get acquainted with you!Thanks!
            I heard Australia banned sex robots. What did they have do to you?

            Damn, what was that sentence supposed to be?


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              Re: Hi everyone!

              Originally posted by DakAttack View Post
              Damn, what was that sentence supposed to be?
              Like Yoda's apprentice...