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  • Error FFXI-3322

    I went to make a new character, and tried the name Kurul. Gave me a message it was taken. Oh well. I tried Kururu, and was a little annoyed that that was taken too. I tried Kururun, Kururul, and they were taken, which i was surprised at. Then i typed in shit and even Kururuasdawheja was unavaliable. I'm pretty sure no one's called themselves Kururuasdawheja.

    The error i get is FFXI-3322, the name you entered is unavaliable.
    I noticed when i put in a name that will obviously be taken (e.g Dragon, Yuki etc) it came up with a little loading bar that said it was checking or something, and the error for the unavaliable name on those is FFXI-3313. No 'checking' loadbar when i get the 3322 error.

    Obviously it doesn't like my name even though it probably isn't taken. Is there any way to get past this?
    I've tried other names that it's accepted, btw.

    Also, sorry if this is a really dumbass question. I'm completely new to this game, however google did me no justice for the error