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Where to locate Registration code?? Please!

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  • Where to locate Registration code?? Please!

    Hello all. I'm a United States Marine living in Okinawa Japan. For those of you that it apply to; Oorah, and thanks for reading. For those of you that aren't Marines, any help you can supply is GREATLY appreciated!!

    I've searched the forums for quite a bit (20 minutes or so) as to find out WHERE I can get a registration code. All I keep finding or coming up with is the fact that I keep reading, "Go out and buy the game for goodness sake and use the code in the box." Generally put...

    Is there any way I can just BUY a registration code?? A few fellow Marines here have the game and installing it is not a problem I just need to purchase a REGISTRATION CODE. Or any other type code required to play the game. So, here's my question....

    Is there anywhere on the internet, or from someone perhaps willing to sell one via paypal, I can purchase just a registration code that is delivered instantly via email within 24 hours?...Or so. Any help is again greatly appreciated and hopefully talk to some of you in game soon

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    Re: Where to locate Registration code?? Please!

    Well, we kinda need to know whether or not you have a full version of the game or you're playing off the a trail disc. If you're on the trial disc, there's should be section within the FFXI menu on POL called "Optional Services."

    From there go to "Registration Code Sales" and you can purchase them there for each of the the expansions sans Wings of the Goddess, which is not presently included on a trial disc, but a separate expansion.

    Otherwise, go buy the game and get your code from the back of the freakin' box, asking for registration information or to buy it isn't exactly kosher here.

    Also, cross-posting this was not necessary.

    Finally, the registration servers will be down for the next several hours.


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      Re: Where to locate Registration code?? Please!

      It may require downloading the game, but FFXI is available on Direct2Drive now. That's got to include registration codes, since it wouldn't make any sense otherwise. It's a bit more expensive to get the 2007 collection + Wings of the Goddess through this than just buying the 2008 collection if you can find it, though.
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        Re: Where to locate Registration code?? Please!

        Failing that, you could just *cough*torrent*cough* and have a friend back in the states pick up the game and e-mail you the codes or something like that.

        Also, not a Marine, but "Hooah" from an Army vet. ^_^
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          Re: Where to locate Registration code?? Please!

          If all else fails:

          My friend bought the game and then didn't play it for ages, she lost the codes for it and when she wanted to play she couldn't. So, she bought some cheap auction off of ebay ending that night, it cost her like £1.99 if that, she emailed the seller asking them to send her the codes straight after the auction ended and she was playing it by the end of the day.