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shelled out 100+ bucks for nothing?? installation issues

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  • shelled out 100+ bucks for nothing?? installation issues

    Hello. was hoping on playing ff11 but unfortunately on the installation screen, the one with the progress bar and in the bottom right-hand corner it says "time remaining", it appears the installing process hit a bit of a bump. it says 56 minutes remaining....only problem is it has been saying that for about 6 hours now. WHAT DO I DO? i am installing using the vana'diel collection for ps2 and i bought the big bulky playstation 2, the network adaptor, and the ps2 HDD all used and separate because i wanted very badly to play this game. toss in the fact i am going to end up paying 12+ dollars a month and that i already ended shelling out my personal information AND i got a summer job just so i could pay for this can see why i am a bit distressed. i will not consider playing ff11 on pc. please any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!
    BREAKTHROUGH....after a measured 6.5 HOURS the time remaining has gone from 56 to 55 minutes remaining. i am slightly alleviated. i am leaving my ps2 on but fear it becoming a fire hazard during the night. should i seriously consider leaving it on or should i reconsider playing ff11 on the used goods on i bought? i am seriously thinking the hdd or the network adaptor is bugged. ALSO, when accessing the hdd on the ps2 browser it says on the available space i only have 35000 mb. yet it is a 40gb? i deleted everything that was already on it yet it still seems to be missing some space. Again, any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: shelled out 100+ bucks for nothing?? installation issues

    Buying that stuff used can always be a problem. You can't tell if you're getting shafted with a faulty hard drive or not.

    Can you return it to the seller?
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      Re: shelled out 100+ bucks for nothing?? installation issues

      35000MB is ~= 35GB (getting precise would be a PITA thanks to various standards organizations and hard drive manufacturers disagreeing), which is about right.

      Why is it that you must play on a PS2, though? It's very old hardware, and your used ones don't seem very reliable.


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        Re: shelled out 100+ bucks for nothing?? installation issues

        we have just bought the ps2 vanadiel collection too but we managed to install it on our ps3 ( lucky us ). however even so, it does take nearly half a day to FULLY install the WHOLE collection. Bear in mind that the FF collection edition comes with all 4 expansion packs and each expansion packs does require at least a couple of hours to be installed. This ps2 2008 collection only uses ONE code to install all 4 expansion packs. As I recall, I installed ours in the morning and in the late afternoon, it was finally FULLY installed. If for some reason, you need to step away from the PS2 and switch it off, when you switch it back on to continue installing, the file will NOT re-install from where you left off initially, it will FIRST CHECK all your FF files from the beginning ( which might takes half an hour or longer ) BEFORE continuing installing from where you left off.
        In conclusion, you might need to spare half a day ( will probably be lesser ) to finish installing the whole ps2 2008 collection especially since it is the PS2 machine you are using. Hope this helps and good luck. BTW you might need to move the joystick now and then so as not to freeze the installing process ( not sure if this is so in your case ).


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          Re: shelled out 100+ bucks for nothing?? installation issues

          PS2 is actually great for running long term. I used to play on PS2 for about 3 years ish and I'd leave it on for weeks at a time and it never got hot or showed any signs of anything (for 3 fulls years), never had a problem. It was actually quite amazing, the only problems I ever had were the graphics. They suck and, like you, I refused to play on the PC. So I got the Xbox 360 one. However, if it's taking that long, just be patient, let it do it's thing, there's ALOT to be downloaded. Maybe a few restarts might do the trick (to the router/modem/computer/ps2 everything)
          And you've seem to have gone far out of your way for this game so, I will tell you it's worth it but, I will also tell you PS2 graphics are megalolz and if at all possible try to eventually upgrade to Xbox 360 one, or take that stuff back and save up for it, cause it being such a great game you definatly want to experience the highest quality you can.
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            Re: shelled out 100+ bucks for nothing?? installation issues

            I started on PS2 way back when and will never forget the lengthy insulation. Loading the core +2 expansions took something like 4 hours. After I was done with installing from the discs I was met with disappointment when I was the download screen to update the game. Like you I began to wonder what I spent all my money on. When I finally got to log on for the first time and got to watch the first cut scene I was hooked.

            A week later I had to buy a version for the PC so my wife would have her own account and let me play my own character.


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              Re: shelled out 100+ bucks for nothing?? installation issues

              I used to have ffxi for my ps2. In my opinion, the limitations of the ps2 ruin the game. Get it for the 360 or PC. It'll be much more enjoyable.