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Maintenance problem?

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    Re: Maintenance problem?

    Saved you a phonecall.

    Having the same issue as you, so I used the good ol webchat function on the support site.

    And had the following conversation:
    SEL Agent Eleanor: Hello how may I help you?
    Bob Smith: Hi I was just wondering how long the current Playonline maintenance was going to be?
    Bob Smith: I installed FFXI last night, but have as of yet been unable to register for a Playonline account, as it keeps saying its down for maintenance, even though I can't find any information about this
    SEL Agent Eleanor: I am afraid that it is not infact a maintenance
    SEL Agent Eleanor: It has been caused by a technical issue caused by our billing partner
    Bob Smith: Oh I see.
    SEL Agent Eleanor: and we have to wait until our billing partner has fixed this issue then our server can go back up.
    Bob Smith: Oh.
    Bob Smith: has any estimate been given about how long this will take?
    SEL Agent Eleanor: I am afraid not. As soon as we have news it will be posted on our website.
    Bob Smith: May I ask why no information has been posted yet? the homepage doesn't contain any information about this issue,
    SEL Agent Eleanor: Yes it does:
    SEL Agent Eleanor: FINAL FANTASY XI Official Web Site
    Bob Smith: There's no mention of that page on the homepage anywhere? FINAL FANTASY XI Official Web Site Atleast I dont think there is, I cant see any.
    SEL Agent Eleanor: It is under, europe, information
    SEL Agent Eleanor: there are 2 posts
    Bob Smith: Ok thank you =)
    SEL Agent Eleanor: Keep an eye on this
    Bob Smith: I definetly will
    SEL Agent Eleanor: As there will be new news as soon as we have more info
    Bob Smith: Thank you for your help =)
    SEL Agent Eleanor: You are welcome
    SEL Agent Eleanor: Is there anything else I can help you with today Bob?
    Bob Smith: Nope thats all
    Bob Smith: thank you very much
    SEL Agent Eleanor: Thank you for visiting our PlayOnline Chat line Bob. Take care and have a good day!

    So keep your eyes on this page:

    FINAL FANTASY XI Official Web Site


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      Re: Maintenance problem?

      They've said nothing about the maintance being done.

      FINAL FANTASY XI Official Web Site

      They posted a follow-up, sure, but it was essentially just repeating what they said first. Seriously though, it's been down for three days now.


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        Re: Maintenance problem?

        I've got the same problem guys. Bought the game + Wings of the Goddess expansion pack the other day. Thanks for the info above btw about POL's billing partner - Makes a bit of sense now


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          Re: Maintenance problem?

          Originally posted by Jupri View Post
          I've got the same problem guys. Bought the game + Wings of the Goddess expansion pack the other day. Thanks for the info above btw about POL's billing partner - Makes a bit of sense now
          Thanks guys... Or girls...

          The hate I that was harbouring for Squareenix and Playonline is now being directed towards their billing partener... whoever that company is ¬_¬



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            Re: Maintenance problem?

            Got the same problem here, been away for a while and just reinstalled game yesterday

            It appears the problem lies with the billing company that PoL uses.

            So don't worry, its not your end, others who are trying to use the registration server are having same issue.

            Prolly best to try again, in say, a few hours. No point in banging on on it every minute to see if up, thats a recipe to drive you insane.!

            Have a nice one.


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              Re: Maintenance problem?

              I'm still choosing choice 2 in the poll.

              Wii code: 6851 9579 6989 9039


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                Re: Maintenance problem?

                just realised i dont have an xbox 360 xpfs or whatever it is for my keyboard... so regardless if it goes up now or later im not gona be able to play lol

                just realised i need an xbox 360 xfps or whatever it is to play with my keyboard on it -_- ugh.. regardless when this comes back online i need one of those before i can play

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                  Re: Maintenance problem?

                  Oh hell yes, according to the official site it's working now. About time >_>


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                    Re: Maintenance problem?

                    Yeeeeeea ;D just registered a couple o fhours ago and the patches (Or updates) are downloading, should be on in no ti.... GRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!! 7 HOUR UPDATE TIME? MASSACRE!!!!