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    Hey, I'm new to playing and I can't really go anywhere. I don't have a full keyboard and I don't fully know how to work everything. I was wondering if there was anyway I could configure it so I won't have a difficult time playing?

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    Re: Laptop Keyboard Help

    yes. set your keyboard preferences to compact.

    Might want to use a full size keyboard plugged into a USB port to make finding it in your config menu easier.


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      Re: Laptop Keyboard Help

      on mine i hafta hit num lock and then ; to open up the menu, from there flick it over and go to config, search around and you'll find compact settings.

      after you set them you can use your normal - button to open it

      when you are on compact settings you must use space bar or / to open chat, and (on my laptop) F acts as the + key, to maximize the chat screen as well as sort your inventory etc, any other questions just gimme a shout
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        Re: Laptop Keyboard Help

        Thank you for telling me, but I've already figured it out. Took an hour of trying to figure out HOW to open the menu so I could change the settings. I'm fine now. I might get a zboard from my friend or something. Maybe then I'll do better.


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          Re: Laptop Keyboard Help

          Maybe someday this should make its way into a sticky or something. Not that anyone reads those or uses the search function.

          Ctrl or Alt plus the - key (not the num pad one, the one next to 0) will always open the menu, no matter the keyboard or the layout.
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