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  • UCS-4001 error

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    Hi Guys & gals,
    I've read as much as I can find about this, so I'm sorry if it has been brought up.
    I installed the DVD provided and started the registration for PlayOnline, and went through the entire thing including my card details etc...
    Then when I clicked the final confirm registration details and my PC was connecting to the server, my PC froze cuz of another program I was running (typical I've always been told to close everything while installing, but I've managed to get away with it until now).
    Anyway, the process failed and the program quit, and so I restarted it, and now it won't accept my code - I get the ucs-4001 error,
    Invalid Registration Code.
    Please check your registration code and try again"
    I've sent an email to customer support, and the phone lines are down here cuz its sunday, anyone got any ideas what to do?
    Oh and I've tried lower and upper case
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    Re: UCS-4001 error

    hey dude - not been on this site since, but just got an email telling me that someone posted on this thread.

    The fact it's been years and I never had a response probably tells you something about the game and the service.

    My advice would be do what I did - throw the game in the bin, and try a more popular current game. It seems that once Warcraft was launched the funding stopped on this game and few play it - or those who do seem not to care about those who have problems.

    I suggest either trying Warcraft (I did try it, and would have continued, but got a promotion at work at the time so couldn't afford the free time) - OR try one of the free MMORPG games out there. If you have a decent computer try Raptr - it's a portal where you can download free games.

    If your computer is not so powerful (I currently use a netbook, so the latest games wont run for me) try Mythwar - it's not too bad, completely free and works on minimal system requirements.

    I think there's a new FF online game coming out soon, I might give that a go once I get a new PC but then again I might just stick with the free ones - there's not so much pressure to spend all your waking hours on a game if you're not paying for it every month.

    Take care & peace

    edit - sorry, re-read and noticed you use a 360 - ignore my suggestions on pc games then, but still, don't bother with this one, unless you hear better from someone still playing